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Dalian Sports Centre Stadium: A Majestic Sporting Hub in Dalian, China

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium

The Magnificent Dalian Sports Centre Stadium: Witness the Power of Football in Dalian, China!

Nestled in the vibrant city of Dalian, China, the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium stands as a testament to the boundless passion and love for the beautiful game. With a remarkable capacity of 61,000, this multi-purpose stadium is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Its history dates back to the illustrious 2013 National Games of China when it first graced the sporting world’s spotlight.

Unprecedented Architecture: A Masterpiece in Liaoning Province

Located in the captivating province of Liaoning, this football haven boasts remarkable architectural beauty. Its grandeur and distinct design captivate visitors, drawing them into a sporting paradise where dreams come true.

A Hub of Sporting Excellence: Fostering a Spirited Community

The Dalian Sports Centre Stadium holds a special place in the hearts of the local community, serving as a vital hub for showcasing and celebrating sporting talent. This iconic venue symbolizes unity, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of Dalian, bringing individuals together in thrilling harmony.

Home to Heroes: Dalian Professional F.C.’s Hallowed Ground

From 2014 to 2020, Dalian Professional F.C., pioneers of football brilliance, called this stadium home. Witnessing their remarkable journey and electrifying matches within these hallowed walls was an experience like no other.

Prepare to be enchanted by the majestic Dalian Sports Centre Stadium—a place where football meets artistry and dreams take flight, leaving an indelible mark on the sporting landscape of Asia.

Design and Architecture

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium, located in Dalian, China, is an impressive football stadium known for its unique design and architectural features. Designed to cater to the needs of both players and spectators, the stadium boasts a modern and aesthetically pleasing structure.

Architectural Description

The architecture of Dalian Sports Centre Stadium is a perfect blend of contemporary design and traditional Chinese elements. With its sweeping curves and sleek lines, the stadium stands as a symbol of modernity. The design pays homage to the city’s coastal location, with its silver exterior resembling the waves of the sea.

Designers and Architects

The stadium was designed by a renowned architectural firm, responsible for several landmarks worldwide. Collaborating with local architects, they aimed to create a structure that is both striking and functional. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured that the stadium met all the requirements of FIFA and provided an exceptional experience for athletes and spectators.

Notable Design Features

One of the most notable design features of Dalian Sports Centre Stadium is its retractable roof, which allows events to be held regardless of weather conditions. The roof can be opened or closed depending on the needs of the game or event, ensuring optimal viewing conditions for spectators.

Another striking feature is the stadium’s location. Situated in the picturesque Dalian Sports Center complex, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Spectators can enjoy the game while also appreciating the beauty of the lush greenery and the cityscape.

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Capacity and Facilities

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium, located in Dalian, Liaoning province, China, stands as a versatile multi-purpose stadium catering to various sports events. With a remarkable maximum capacity of 61,000, this stadium has become an iconic landmark in the region.

Seating Capacity

The stadium boasts a substantial seating capacity of 61,000, providing ample space for spectators to experience thrilling matches and events.

Types of Seating or Viewing Options

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium offers a range of seating options, ensuring a comfortable experience for all attendees. The stadium provides both general seating and premium seating choices, allowing spectators to choose according to their preferences and budget. Additionally, exclusive boxes are available for those seeking a more luxurious and private environment.

Facilities within the Stadium

This stadium offers a multitude of facilities to enhance the overall experience for visitors. Concession stands are strategically located throughout the premises, serving a variety of refreshments and snacks. Well-maintained restrooms are easily accessible, ensuring convenience for all attendees. Moreover, the stadium features shops where fans can purchase merchandise and memorabilia to commemorate their experience.

Accessibility Features for Differently-Abled Spectators

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium is committed to inclusivity, providing accessibility features for differently-abled spectators. Wheelchair-accessible seating areas are available, ensuring an unobstructed view of the events. The stadium also offers ramps and elevators to facilitate easy movement within the complex, ensuring a seamless experience for all visitors.

Notable Events at Dalian Sports Centre Stadium

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium, located in Dalian, China, has been host to a variety of notable events. From sports competitions to concerts, this stadium has witnessed significant moments and memorable performances.

2013 National Games of China

In September 2013, Dalian Sports Centre Stadium showcased the Men’s and Women’s Under-18 Football, Tennis, Gymnastics, and Artistic Swimming events of the prestigious 2013 National Games of China.

Dalian Professional F.C. Home Stadium (2014-2020)

From 2014 to 2020, Dalian Sports Centre Stadium served as the home stadium for Dalian Professional F.C., previously known as Dalian Aerbin and Dalian Yifang.

2020 Chinese Super League

In 2020, the stadium hosted the Chinese Super League group A and relegation stage matches, as well as the Chinese FA Cup first round.

2021 China League One

In 2021, Dalian Sports Centre Stadium was the venue for the 2021 China League One matches and the 2021 Chinese FA Cup.

2022 Chinese Super League

In 2022, the stadium served as the temporary home stadium for Shanghai Port F.C. during the second stage of the 2022 Chinese Super League.

The Dalian Sports Centre Stadium has undoubtedly played a significant role in promoting sports and providing a platform for athletes to showcase their talents. With a rich history of hosting a variety of events, this stadium is firmly entrenched in the sports legacy of Dalian.

Located in Dalian, China, the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium offers an unparalleled experience for sports enthusiasts. With state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant atmosphere, this stadium truly embodies the spirit of sportsmanship.

The Spectator Experience

Spectators are treated to an unforgettable experience at Dalian Sports Centre Stadium. The stadium boasts comfortable seating, ensuring a perfect view of the action-packed events. The cutting-edge audio and video systems further enhance the spectator experience, immersing them in the thrill of the game.

Atmosphere and Acclaim

Critics and spectators alike sing praises of the electric atmosphere at Dalian Sports Centre Stadium. Known for its passionate fans, the stadium pulsates with energy during matches and tournaments. Enthusiasts often describe the atmosphere as electric, creating an unforgettable ambiance that spurs athletes to peak performance.

Rich Traditions

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium boasts a rich legacy of traditions and rituals. Whether it’s the team’s iconic entrance ceremony or the crowd’s synchronized chants, these customs create a sense of unity among spectators. Visitors can engage in these age-old traditions, forging an even deeper connection to the sport and the stadium.

Sustainability Efforts at Dalian Sports Centre Stadium, Dalian, China, Asia

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium in Dalian, China, is renowned for its remarkable sustainability efforts. The stadium takes great pride in minimizing its environmental impact and has implemented several measures to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of its operations.

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Energy Efficiency Measures

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium is committed to optimizing its energy consumption. The stadium has integrated state-of-the-art technologies to improve energy efficiency, such as energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems. These measures significantly reduce energy wastage, contributing to a greener and more sustainable operation.

Use of Renewable Energy

To further enhance sustainability, the stadium has embraced renewable energy sources. Dalian Sports Centre Stadium has installed solar panels throughout its premises, harnessing clean and renewable energy from the abundant sunlight in the region. This initiative not only reduces the stadium’s reliance on non-renewable energy sources but also minimizes its carbon footprint.

Waste Management

Effective waste management practices play a crucial role in the sustainability efforts of Dalian Sports Centre Stadium. The stadium has implemented comprehensive recycling programs, encouraging visitors and staff to segregate and recycle waste materials. Furthermore, the facility has partnered with local waste management organizations to ensure proper disposal of non-recyclable waste materials, reducing environmental pollution.

Nearby Attractions

When visiting the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium in Dalian, China, there are plenty of exciting attractions to explore nearby.

Local Restaurants

Indulge in the delicious local cuisine by stopping at one of the many nearby restaurants. From traditional Chinese dishes to international flavors, there is something to satisfy every palate. Enjoy authentic seafood at Shuai Jiao Yu Tou, or savor delectable Japanese sushi at Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant.


Around the stadium, you can find a wide range of shops to fulfill your retail desires. Discover stylish fashion boutiques, browse through trendy local markets, or shop at modern shopping malls. Explore Parkland Mall for a collection of well-known international brands or visit Qingniwa Pedestrian Street for a vibrant shopping experience.

Tourist Attractions

Take advantage of your time in Dalian by visiting nearby tourist attractions. Explore the impressive Xinghai Square, one of the largest squares in the world, boasting stunning views of the ocean. Immerse yourself in nature at the beautiful Dalian Forest Zoo, where you can admire a diverse range of animal species. Don’t miss the charming charm of Tiger Beach, a picturesque seaside resort offering captivating views and thrilling water activities.

How to Visit: Dalian Sports Centre Stadium, Dalian, Asia, China

Welcome to Dalian Sports Centre Stadium, an iconic sports venue located in Dalian, Asia, China. Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist, here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to this remarkable stadium.

Getting Tickets

Purchasing tickets for events at Dalian Sports Centre Stadium is a straightforward process. Tickets can be bought online through the official stadium website or through authorized ticketing platforms. It is advisable to book in advance, particularly for high-demand events, to secure your seat and avoid disappointment.

Getting to the Stadium

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium is conveniently located and easily accessible via various modes of transportation. Visitors can opt for public transport, including buses or the metro system, as there are stations nearby. For those driving to the stadium, ample parking spaces are available in the vicinity. It is recommended to arrive early to secure a spot.

Parking Information

Dalian Sports Centre Stadium offers ample parking facilities for visitors arriving by car. The stadium complex provides dedicated parking areas with sufficient space. Parking fees may apply, so it’s advisable to carry cash or check the stadium’s website for any specific parking rules or regulations.

Tips for First-Time Visitors

If you are a first-time visitor to Dalian Sports Centre Stadium, here are a few helpful tips to enhance your experience. Dress comfortably and wear appropriate footwear, as the stadium requires a fair amount of walking. It is advisable to bring along minimal belongings, as there may be security checks prior to entering the stadium. Additionally, remember to check the weather forecast and bring necessary protection such as umbrellas or sunscreen. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the stadium layout and facilities beforehand to navigate easily. Enjoy the event!

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Located in the vibrant city of Dalian, China, the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium stands tall as a beacon of sporting excellence and community spirit. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and remarkable facilities, this stadium has left an indelible mark on the local community.

A Sporting Extravaganza

As one steps foot into the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium, the atmosphere is charged with energy and excitement. The stadium has played host to a myriad of national and international sporting events, captivating fans from all corners of the globe. From pulsating football matches to thrilling athletics competitions, this sporting haven has witnessed countless moments of sporting glory.

A Catalyst for Community Development

Beyond its sporting prowess, the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium has become an integral part of the local community, nurturing talent and fostering a deep passion for sports. With its modern training facilities and coaching programs, the stadium has become a breeding ground for the next generation of sports stars. Moreover, it has become a hub for cultural events and social gatherings, bringing the community together under one roof.

The Architectural Marvel

The architectural design of the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium is a testament to innovation and grandeur. Its striking silhouette, with its unique curved roof and seamlessly integrated seating, offers spectators an awe-inspiring view of the action. The stadium’s modern technology and cutting-edge infrastructure have set new standards in sports arena construction, earning it widespread acclaim.

A Legacy for Generations to Come

The Dalian Sports Centre Stadium has left an indelible legacy, transforming the sporting landscape of Dalian and leaving local enthusiasts hungry for more. Its contribution to the development of young talent and its ability to reignite a passion for sports within the community cannot be understated. As the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium continues to shine with unwavering glory, it will undoubtedly inspire generations of athletes and fans alike.”

In the city of Dalian, China, the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium stands tall as a symbol of sports excellence and community spirit. Its state-of-the-art facilities and stunning architecture make it a true gem in the Asian sports landscape. As we conclude this journey through the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium, we invite you to explore other fascinating stadiums around the world. Discover the wonders of Aswan Stadium in Aswan, Egypt, where ancient history and modern sports collide. Journey to Cairo and step into the Main Hall, a legendary venue that has witnessed countless iconic moments in Egyptian sports history. And for a taste of the vibrant sporting scene in the United States, visit the Q2 Stadium in Austin, Texas, a modern masterpiece that embodies the spirit of American soccer. These stadiums, like the Dalian Sports Centre, serve as testament to the power of sports in uniting communities and leaving a lasting legacy.

For more information, you can check the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium.


Q: Where is the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium located?
A: The Dalian Sports Centre Stadium is located in Dalian, Liaoning, China.

Q: How many people can the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium accommodate?
A: The stadium has a seating capacity of 61,000.

Q: What is the capacity of the arena within the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium?
A: The arena within the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium has a capacity of 18,000.

Q: When did the construction of the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium begin?
A: The construction of the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium broke ground in May 2009.

Q: When was the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium officially opened?
A: The Dalian Sports Centre Stadium was officially opened on July 3, 2013.

Q: How much did it cost to construct the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium?
A: The construction cost of the Dalian Sports Centre Stadium was ¥ 5 billion.