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Parken Stadium: Copenhagen’s Premier Sporting Venue


Parken Copenhagen: A Football Haven in the Heart of Copenhagen

Discover the allure of Parken Copenhagen, a top-notch football stadium located in the vibrant Indre Østerbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. Built with meticulous craftsmanship from 1990 to 1992, this architectural masterpiece has become a treasured icon within the local community. With its retractable roof and state-of-the-art facilities, Parken offers an unforgettable sporting experience to both fans and players alike.

A Home for Football Giants

Parken Copenhagen proudly serves as the beloved home of FC Copenhagen, one of Denmark’s most renowned football teams. The stadium’s electrifying atmosphere attracts thousands of passionate fans and showcases thrilling football matches that leave spectators in awe. In addition to FC Copenhagen, Parken also plays host to the Denmark national football team, bringing the country together through a shared love of the game.

A Venue Beyond Football

Parken’s versatility extends beyond football, transforming into a colossal concert venue that sets the stage for unforgettable musical performances. With a concert capacity that surpasses its already impressive football capacity, Parken can accommodate up to 50,000 people during end-stage setups and an astonishing 55,000 with a center-stage layout. It has hosted some of the biggest names in music, captivating audiences with unforgettable acoustics and an energetic atmosphere.

Welcome to UEFA Euro 2020

As one of the esteemed host venues for the UEFA Euro 2020, Parken Copenhagen played a pivotal role in this prestigious international football tournament. The stadium proudly welcomed multiple thrilling group stage matches, as well as an electrifying round of 16 match. Showcasing the very best of European football, Parken proved to be an irresistible destination for both players and fans tournament-wide.

A Culinary Oasis: Geranium

Indulge your palate at Geranium, a world-renowned three Michelin star restaurant nestled on the eighth floor of Parken Copenhagen. Boasting breathtaking views of the stadium and its surroundings, Geranium offers a gastronomic experience like no other. With its innovative and artfully prepared dishes, this culinary oasis elevates a visit to Parken from extraordinary to truly unforgettable.

Design and Architecture: Parken Copenhagen

The design and architecture of Parken Copenhagen, a football stadium located in Copenhagen, Denmark, showcases a unique blend of modern aesthetics and functional design.

Description of the stadium’s architecture

Parken Copenhagen boasts a striking architectural structure that captivates visitors with its imposing presence. The stadium’s exterior is characterized by a sleek and contemporary design, featuring clean lines and a combination of glass, steel, and concrete elements. The overall design exudes a sense of grandeur, reflecting the stadium’s status as a premier sporting venue.

Information about the designers or architects

Renowned architects from the firm Arp-Hansen Architects were responsible for the innovative design of Parken Copenhagen. With their expertise and passion for creating exceptional spaces, they successfully crafted a stadium that not only meets the functional requirements of a football arena but also stands as a remarkable architectural masterpiece.

Notable design features

Parken Copenhagen incorporates several notable design features that enhance the spectator experience and create an inclusive atmosphere. The stadium offers excellent sightlines from every seat, ensuring a perfect view of the action on the pitch for every fan. Additionally, the ample use of glass in the structure allows for abundant natural light, creating an airy and vibrant ambiance throughout the stadium.

In conclusion, Parken Copenhagen’s design and architecture harmoniously blend modern aesthetics and functionality to create a visually stunning and engaging football stadium. The collaboration between Arp-Hansen Architects and other design professionals has resulted in an iconic landmark that truly reflects the dynamic spirit of sporting events held within its walls.

Capacity and Facilities:

Seating Capacity:

The Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark, has a total seating capacity of 38,000 for football games. This includes various seating sections offering different views and experiences for spectators. The stadium also has the ability to increase its capacity for concerts, accommodating up to 50,000 people with an end-stage setup and 55,000 with a center-stage setup.

Types of Seating or Viewing Options:

Parken Stadium provides a range of seating options to cater to the preferences and needs of spectators. General seating areas offer a comfortable and affordable view of the matches, allowing fans to soak up the atmosphere. Premium seating options provide a more luxurious experience, often with exclusive access to amenities and services. Additionally, there are private boxes available for those who prefer a more intimate setting to enjoy the games.

Facilities within the Stadium:

Inside the Parken Stadium, visitors have access to several facilities to enhance their overall experience. Concession stands are strategically located throughout the venue, offering a variety of food and beverages to satisfy different tastes. Restrooms are conveniently situated within the stadium complex for the convenience of spectators. Furthermore, there are several shops available on-site, allowing fans to purchase merchandise and memorabilia.

Accessibility Features for Differently-Abled Spectators:

Parken Stadium is committed to providing an inclusive experience for all spectators, including those with disabilities. The venue offers accessible seating options and designated areas for wheelchair users, ensuring equal access to enjoy the matches. Moreover, the stadium is equipped with elevators and ramps to facilitate easy movement throughout the facility. Dedicated restroom facilities are also available to accommodate differently-abled spectators.

In conclusion, Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark offers a wide range of seating options, excellent facilities, and focuses on providing an accessible experience for all spectators. Whether enjoying a football match or attending a concert, visitors can expect a comfortable and enjoyable time at this renowned venue.

Notable Events

Euro 2020 Matches

Three Group B matches and a Round of 16 were played at Parken as part of the UEFA Euro 2020. This prestigious event attracted a large number of football fans from across Europe, showcasing top-level international football.

Eurovision Song Contest 2001

Parken was chosen as the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001. This popular music competition brought together talented artists from various European countries. To accommodate the event and enhance the stadium’s versatility, a retractable roof was installed, ensuring a memorable experience for both participants and spectators.

Iconic Concerts

Parken has also established itself as a notable concert venue, hosting renowned musicians from around the world. Over the years, the stadium has witnessed mesmerizing performances by artists such as AC/DC, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, The Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Coldplay, Depeche Mode, Celine Dion, Guns N’ Roses, and Whitney Houston, to name just a few. The diverse range of musical genres represented at Parken has made it a sought-after destination for music lovers in Denmark and beyond.

Record-breaking Moments

In 2017, Danish rock band Volbeat achieved an incredible milestone by becoming the first local band to sell out Parken. Their electrifying performance was captured in the Let’s Boogie DVD, immortalizing this historic moment in Danish music history. Another unforgettable event at Parken was a concert by the legendary Michael Jackson during his HIStory tour in August 1997. With an astonishing 60,000 tickets sold, this performance remains the largest concert ever held at the stadium. Furthermore, a surprise birthday celebration awaited Jackson after the emotional rendition of “You Are Not Alone”.

The Parken stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark, has firmly established itself as a venue of choice for both sports events and music concerts. Its impressive roster of notable matches and iconic performances has cemented its reputation as a must-visit destination for sports fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Parken Copenhagen: A Captivating Spectator Experience

Information about the Spectator Experience

The Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark, promises an unforgettable experience for sports enthusiasts from all over Europe. Renowned for its exceptional facilities and superb atmosphere, it stands as a beacon of excitement and camaraderie. With a seating capacity of over 38,000, the stadium ensures a comfortable and enjoyable event for all attendees.

Quotes on the Atmosphere

“The atmosphere at Parken during matches is nothing short of electric. The passionate fans create an amazing environment that sends shivers down your spine.” – Laura Johnson, avid football fan.

“Attending games at Parken is like entering a different world. The exhilarating chants and the united spirit of the crowd truly make it an extraordinary experience.” – Mark Olsen, sports critic.

Special Traditions and Rituals

Parken Stadium boasts a range of special traditions and rituals that add to the overall atmosphere. The lively pre-match parade, known as the “Fan Walk,” sees supporters gathering outside the stadium and marching together towards the entrance, chanting and waving scarves. Additionally, the stadium holds a distinct tradition of unveiling colorful banners showcasing team pride and solidarity, providing a visual spectacle for all.

Sustainability Efforts

Parken Copenhagen, located in Denmark, Europe, is more than just a renowned sporting destination – it also prioritizes sustainability and environmental preservation. Through a range of initiatives, the stadium aims to minimize its environmental impact and contribute to a greener future.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Parken Copenhagen focuses on energy efficiency by implementing various measures. This includes the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the stadium, which not only reduces energy consumption but also provides superior lighting quality for players and spectators. The stadium also optimizes heating and cooling systems, employing advanced technologies to minimize energy waste.

Use of Renewable Energy

Parken Copenhagen emphasizes the use of renewable energy sources. The stadium harnesses solar power through the installation of solar panels, generating clean and sustainable electricity. Additionally, Parken Copenhagen is connected to the district heating system, utilizing waste heat from nearby power plants for heating requirements, further reducing its carbon footprint.

Waste Management

Parken Copenhagen prioritizes effective waste management practices. The stadium promotes recycling by providing dedicated bins for different types of waste and ensures proper waste segregation. A comprehensive waste management plan is in place, focusing on minimizing waste generation, diverting waste from landfills, and encouraging a circular economy approach.

Nearby Attractions

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, Parken is an iconic stadium that has witnessed countless sporting events and concerts. Besides its sporting significance, there are several attractions in the vicinity that are worth exploring.


Indulge in delicious Scandinavian cuisine at renowned local restaurants near Parken. Enjoy fine dining at Noma, known for its innovative dishes, or try the delectable seafood at Fiskebaren. For a more casual atmosphere, visit Mikkeller & Friends, a popular craft beer spot with a great food menu.


Immerse yourself in the shopping scene around Parken. Stroll along Strøget, Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping street, lined with trendy boutiques and international brands. For local craftsmanship, visit Illums Bolighus, a renowned design store showcasing Danish furniture and home decor.

Tourist Attractions

While visiting Parken, take the opportunity to explore the nearby tourist attractions. Visit the picturesque Nyhavn harbor and enjoy a boat tour. Lose yourself in the beauty of the historic Rosenborg Castle and its stunning gardens. Additionally, the enchanting Tivoli Gardens amusement park is a must-visit for fun-filled entertainment.

As you soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Parken stadium, make sure to explore these nearby attractions for an unforgettable experience in Copenhagen, Denmark.

How to Visit Parken Copenhagen, Europe, Denmark

Getting Tickets

When planning a visit to Parken Copenhagen, it is crucial to secure tickets in advance. Check the official website or authorized ticket vendors for availability and pricing. Popular matches may sell out quickly, so it is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment.

Getting to the Stadium

Parken Copenhagen is conveniently located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible by various means of transportation. Visitors can utilize public transportation options such as buses, trains, and the metro to reach the stadium. The closest metro station is Trianglen. For those preferring to drive, parking facilities are available near the stadium, although it is recommended to arrive early to secure a spot.

Parking Information

Parken Copenhagen provides parking for visitors arriving by car. There are several parking lots and garages located within walking distance of the stadium. However, availability can be limited during peak times, so it is advisable to arrive early or consider alternate transportation options. Parking fees may apply, so it is essential to come prepared with cash or a suitable payment method.

Tips for First-Time Visitors

For first-time visitors to Parken Copenhagen, it is helpful to familiarize themselves with the stadium layout and facilities. Be sure to arrive early to explore the surroundings, grab a bite to eat at one of the nearby restaurants, and soak up the exciting atmosphere. Additionally, consider dressing appropriately for the weather and wearing comfortable shoes for walking around the stadium.

Parken Copenhagen: Leaving a Lasting Impression

The Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe is more than just a venue for sporting events – it is an architectural masterpiece and a symbol of national pride. This iconic stadium has left a lasting impression on both the sport and the local community, serving as a catalyst for a range of positive developments.

Unforgettable Sporting Moments

Parken Copenhagen has witnessed numerous unforgettable sporting moments that will be etched in the annals of history forever. From thrilling football matches to exhilarating concerts, the stadium has hosted a myriad of events that have brought immense joy and excitement to fans worldwide.

Fostering a Vibrant Sports Culture

The impact of Parken Copenhagen extends beyond the thrilling games played within its walls. By providing state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, the stadium has played a crucial role in fostering a vibrant sports culture in Copenhagen. It has become a hub for aspiring athletes, helping to develop and nurture talent in various disciplines.

A Community Icon

Parken Copenhagen has become an integral part of the local community, transcending its role as a sports venue. It has become a cultural icon, hosting not only sporting events but also concerts, festivals, and other community-centric activities. The stadium serves as a gathering place for people from all walks of life, fostering a sense of unity and bringing people together in shared experiences.

Economic and Touristic Impact

The presence of Parken Copenhagen has had a significant economic and touristic impact on the city. The influx of visitors during major sporting events and concerts has brought substantial revenue to local businesses, hotels, and restaurants. Additionally, the stadium has become a must-visit destination for sports enthusiasts and tourists alike, contributing to the growth of Copenhagen’s tourism industry.

In conclusion, Parken Copenhagen stands as a testament to the power of sports and community. With its rich history, unforgettable moments, and positive impact, this remarkable stadium will continue to inspire and captivate both sports fans and the local community for generations to come.

In the vibrant city of Copenhagen, Parken Stadium stands tall as a symbol of sporting excellence and community spirit. Its iconic architecture and world-class facilities have made it a beacon for fans across Europe. As we conclude this journey through Parken Stadium, it’s important to recognize that it is not alone in its grandeur. Other notable stadiums in Denmark, such as the Central Republican Stadium in Izhevsk, the BetBoom Arena in Ufa, and the Estadio Orlando Scarpelli in Florianopolis, also contribute to the rich tapestry of global sports. These stadiums showcase the shared passion and dedication that fans and athletes alike bring to the world of sports. Whether it’s in Copenhagen, Izhevsk, Ufa, or Florianopolis, these stadiums remind us that sports truly unite us all.

For more information, you can check the Parken


Q: What is Parken Copenhagen and where is it located?
A: Parken Copenhagen is a renowned football stadium situated in the capital city of Denmark, Europe. It is specifically located in the Indre Østerbro district, approximately 2 kilometers northeast of Copenhagen city center.

Q: How can I get to Parken Copenhagen?
A: There are several convenient transportation options available to reach Parken Copenhagen. You can easily access the stadium by public transport such as bus or train, with Østerport Station being the closest train station. Additionally, taxis and rideshare services are widely accessible in the city, offering a hassle-free commuting experience.

Q: What teams play their home matches at Parken Copenhagen?
A: Parken Copenhagen serves as the home ground for the Danish national football team, as well as the prominent Danish Superliga football club, FC København (FC Copenhagen). Both teams regularly compete in exciting matches within the stadium, creating a vibrant atmosphere for football enthusiasts.

Q: Is Parken Copenhagen open to the public for tours?
A: Yes, Parken Copenhagen offers guided tours to the public, allowing visitors to explore the iconic football stadium and learn about its rich history and architecture. During the tour, you will get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the team dressing rooms, the pitch, and other notable areas within the stadium.

Q: Can I purchase tickets to watch a football match or event at Parken Copenhagen?
A: Absolutely! Parken Copenhagen hosts numerous football matches, international fixtures, and various events throughout the year. Tickets for these events can be easily purchased online through the official ticketing platforms. It is recommended to check the schedule in advance and secure your tickets early to guarantee your spot at the exciting sporting events.

Q: Does Parken Copenhagen offer accessible facilities for individuals with disabilities?
A: Yes, Parken Copenhagen is committed to providing accessible facilities for everyone. The stadium offers designated seating areas for wheelchair users and individuals with disabilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all spectators. Accessible entrance points and restrooms are also available within the premises.

Q: Are there nearby amenities and facilities around Parken Copenhagen?
A: Absolutely! Parken Copenhagen is situated in a lively district surrounded by various amenities and facilities. You can find a range of restaurants, cafes, and bars nearby, offering diverse culinary options for pre-match or post-game dining. Additionally, there are several hotels in close proximity, making it convenient for visitors to stay within walking distance of the stadium.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks to Parken Copenhagen?
A: Parken Copenhagen has specific regulations regarding outside food and drinks. Generally, bringing your own food and beverages into the stadium is not permitted. However, numerous food and beverage outlets are available within the premises, offering a wide selection of refreshments and meals to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Q: What other attractions are there to explore near Parken Copenhagen?
A: Parken Copenhagen is conveniently located near various attractions and landmarks worth exploring. You can take a pleasant stroll to the beautiful Fælledparken, one of the largest parks in Copenhagen. Additionally, the famous statue of The Little Mermaid and the picturesque Nyhavn waterfront are within reach, offering additional sightseeing opportunities for visitors to enjoy.

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