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Arrowhead Stadium Bag Policy: What’s Allowed and What’s Not for Chiefs Games

Arrowhead Stadium is a world-class sports venue and the home stadium of the Kansas City Chiefs football team. With a capacity of over 76,000, Arrowhead is one of the largest NFL stadiums in the United States.

To ensure the safety of fans and provide an excellent gameday experience, Arrowhead Stadium enforces a clear bag policy. This policy limits the type and size of bags that can be brought into the stadium. The Arrowhead Stadium Bag Policy was implemented in accordance with NFL guidelines to enhance security and reduce wait times at stadium entry points.

The purpose of the bag policy is to speed up gate screening processes and eliminate potential security threats. By restricting bag sizes and prohibited items, security personnel can quickly inspect permitted bags and minimize patron wait times. This allows fans to enter Arrowhead Stadium smoothly and access the game faster.

Types of Bags Allowed at Arrowhead Stadium

Only certain types of bags are allowed inside Arrowhead Stadium. Fans are limited on the kinds and sizes of bags they can bring with them to create an enjoyable and safe environment. The approved bags include:

  • Clear plastic bags: One clear plastic bag no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″ is permitted. This allows security to easily inspect the contents. The bag must be clear plastic with no colored tint.
  • Small clutch purses: Approximately the size of a hand, clutch purses 4.5” x 6.5” or smaller do not have to be clear but are subject to inspection. These small purses enable fans, especially women, to carry personal items.
  • Medically necessary items: Bags used for medically necessary purposes, including diaper bags and other special situation bags, are allowed after thorough inspection at designated Medical Lane entrances. Fans should be prepared to show proof of medical need.

The approved bags above allow fans to bring their belongings while maintaining security standards. By limiting bag types and sizes, stadium staff can screen bags faster and keep prohibited items out. Fans are advised to only bring permitted bags and keep belongings minimal.

Arrowhead Stadium Bag Policy
Arrowhead Stadium Bag Policy

Bag Size Restrictions at Arrowhead Stadium

– Maximum size for clear plastic bags: 12″ x 6″ x 12″
– Clear bags larger than the specified dimensions will not be allowed
– Clear bags provide room for essential items while maintaining security
– Maximum size for clutch purses: 5″ x 9″
– Clutch purses serve as an alternative to clear bags for more privacy
– Keeping clutches under the specified dimensions allows for easy inspection by security
– Oversized clutches can potentially facilitate the entry of prohibited items into the stadium

All bags brought into Arrowhead Stadium are restricted by size, regardless of type. This ensures the safety of all fans while maintaining quick entry into the stadium.

The maximum size for clear plastic bags is 12″ x 6″ x 12″. This provides room for essential items while preventing dangerously oversized bags. Any clear bag larger than these dimensions will not be permitted.

For clutch purses, the size limit is 5″ x 9″. Clutch purses function as an alternative to clear bags for more privacy. Keeping clutches under these dimensions allows security to easily inspect them when necessary. Oversized clutches can allow prohibited items into the stadium.

Fans are encouraged to use either a permitted clear bag or a clutch purse sized within the restrictions. Measuring bags prior to arrival will prevent having to dispose of banned oversized bags at the gate. Understanding these size limitations guarantees efficient security screening and entry for a great game day experience.

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Prohibited Items as Arrowhead Stadium bag policy

Fans attending an event at Arrowhead Stadium should leave the following items at home or in their vehicles:

  • Purses larger than a clutch bag (4.5″ x 6.5″)
  • Backpacks of any kind, including clear plastic backpacks, in order to reduce security screening delays
  • Coolers and similar storage containers – any size
  • Briefcases, luggage, or large bags of any kind

These types of bags slow down the security screening process significantly, as guards have to search through them thoroughly. By leaving home anything bigger than a small clutch purse, fans can speed up their entry into the stadium.

Backpacks in particular are heavily restricted, with only a few special exceptions made for medically necessary supplies and diaper bags (see the Exceptions section below). Coolers and large storage bags are also completely prohibited, even if they are transparent plastic, in order to prevent people from sneaking in outside food and beverages.

Briefcases are banned as well – the only bag close to that size permitted is a small clutch purse. Fans who normally carry a briefcase or similar bag should leave them at home or in their vehicle when attending an Arrowhead Stadium event.

The key is to bring only what can fit in your pockets or a very small handheld clutch purse. This allows security guards to screen attendees quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times to enter Arrowhead Stadium. Leaving banned bags at home or in the car keeps lines moving and ensures a great game day experience.


Certain items are exempt from the bag policy restrictions at Arrowhead Stadium. This includes:

  • Medical equipment: Fans requiring medical equipment that does not fit within the allowed bag sizes may bring them into the stadium. This includes mobility devices like wheelchairs and scooters. Patrons should be prepared to show medical documentation if requested by security staff.
  • Diaper bags: Approved diaper bags that accompany infant/child guests are permitted. Diaper bags must be child-sized and will be searched upon entry.
  • Medical exceptions process: If you require an exception for a medical necessity item that is disallowed, you must contact Fan Experience at least 24 hours prior to the event. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please have medical documentation ready to present to stadium personnel if requested.

All bags, including exempted items, are subject to search and inspection prior to entry. Exempted items that are suspicious in nature may still be denied entry by stadium security.

Arrowhead Stadium Bag Policy
Arrowhead Stadium Bag Policy

Where to Dispose of Banned Items

Fans looking to enter Arrowhead Stadium without any prohibited bags or items have several options to safely store those items outside the stadium. Planning ahead on where to leave disallowed gear can make for a much smoother entry experience on game day.

The most popular storage options near Arrowhead Stadium include:

  • Neighboring Businesses – Many bars, restaurants, and shops around Arrowhead allow patrons to leave belongings with them for the duration of the game, usually for a small fee or with a purchase. Call ahead to confirm availability.
  • Stadium Storage Lockers – Storage lockers can be rented outside the stadium gates. Prices are around $10-20 per locker. Lockers are secured with your own padlock and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Off-Site Storage Facilities – Several storage businesses within a mile of the stadium offer game day rates for storing items. Prices range from $10-15 per bag/item. Reservations are recommended as availability is limited.
  • Car Storage – If driving to the game, leave prohibited items safely locked in your vehicle. Be aware that the parking lots are not secure facilities patrolled by staff.
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Planning ahead on bag storage allows fans to enter Arrowhead easily without holding up security lines. With numerous affordable options close to the stadium, there’s no reason to have prohibited items turned away at the gate.

Entering With Allowed Bags

Fans carrying compliant bags can expect a quick but thorough screening process upon entering Arrowhead Stadium. Security personnel will visually inspect all bags, using x-ray machines as needed, to ensure no prohibited items are brought inside.

To speed up your entry and keep lines moving efficiently, follow these tips:

  • Have your permitted bag open and ready for inspection. Avoid digging around to find items.
  • Separate any laptops, tablets, or large electronics into their own bin before sending through x-ray.
  • Avoid bringing bags at peak entry times right before kickoff when lines will be longest. Arrive early if possible.
  • Know which pocket you have small items like keys and phones in so you can quickly retrieve them after screening.
  • Wear slip-on shoes to make passing through metal detectors faster. Avoid big belt buckles.
  • Only bring essential items in your permitted bag to reduce inspection time.

If you follow these guidelines and pack smart, getting into Arrowhead with an approved bag should be quick and hassle-free. Fans are advised to arrive at least 60-90 minutes before kickoff to ensure enough time for security screening.

Purchasing Approved Bags

For the most seamless stadium entry experience, fans are encouraged to purchase approved clear bags or clutch purses before arriving at Arrowhead. Here are some places to shop for compliant bags and purses:

The Chiefs Pro Shop at Arrowhead Stadium. The pro shop offers a wide selection of regulation-size clear tote bags, backpacks, plastic storage bags, and logo clutch purses that meet the bag policy requirements. Purchasing bags here ensures you’ll have an approved bag before entering the stadium.

Online retailers. Many major online stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more carry transparent 12″ x 6″ x 12″ clear tote bags or plastic storage bags that can function as stadium bags. Search for “NFL clear bag” to find regulation size bags with team logos. Small logo clutch purses are also available.

Local sporting goods stores. Stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, and Modell’s carry transparent 12″ x 6″ x 12″ clear tote bags for stadium use along with plastic bags and clutch purses. Call ahead to check availability.

Grocery and department stores. Retailers like Walmart, Target, CVS, and more have transparent 12″ x 6″ x 12″ clear plastic tote bags, storage bags, and zipper pouches that meet bag restrictions. Check the housewares and travel accessories sections.

By purchasing approved clear bags and clutch purses in advance, Chiefs fans can arrive at Arrowhead ready for quick and easy entry on game day.

Policy Enforcement

Security staff strictly enforce the bag policy at all entrances to Arrowhead Stadium. Bags that do not meet the size requirements or contain prohibited items will not be permitted inside the stadium. Fans with non-compliant bags will be asked to return the bag to their vehicle or dispose of it before entering.

Security staff reserve the right to inspect any bag brought into the stadium, regardless of whether it meets posted guidelines. This is done for public safety to identify any dangerous or illegal items. Fans who refuse to comply with inspections will be denied entry.

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If prohibited items are found during screening, fans must dispose of them before being allowed into the stadium. Any weapons, drugs, or other illegal contraband will be confiscated and the offender may face arrest. Attempting to sneak in alcohol or other banned items may also result in ejection without refund.

All fans are strongly advised to fully adhere to the bag policy to avoid delays, confrontations, or legal penalties. The policy helps ensure a safe environment for all attendees. Fans should arrive early, as additional time is required to screen bags at all entry points.

History of the Policy

The clear bag policy was first implemented at Arrowhead Stadium in 2019 by the Kansas City Chiefs. The policy requires all fans entering the stadium to use a clear plastic bag for their belongings.

The policy was enacted for safety and security reasons. With clear bags, security personnel are able to quickly check fans’ bags visually rather than having to thoroughly search opaque bags. This speeds up entry into the stadium and reduces wait times for fans.

The clear bag policy was implemented in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. The attack prompted many major sporting venues to re-evaluate their security procedures and restrict the types of bags allowed. The NFL studied best practices and worked with security experts to develop a clear bag policy that could be consistently implemented across all stadiums.

The Chiefs were one of the first NFL teams to adopt the clear bag policy in 2019. All other NFL teams implemented a clear bag policy that same year or in 2020. The policy has now become the standard across the NFL and other major sporting leagues.

The clear bag policy provides an additional layer of safety and security for large events like NFL games. By restricting bag types, security personnel have better visibility on what is being brought into the venue. This allows them to effectively spot any prohibited or dangerous items.

The policy understandably resulted in some complaints from fans who had to purchase new compliant bags. However, most fans have adapted to the restrictions, appreciating the faster entry and understanding the important security benefits. The clear bag policy is now an accepted part of the game day experience at Arrowhead and other NFL stadiums.

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