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Doosan Arena: Unveiling the Gem of Sports in Plzen, Czech Republic

Doosan Arena

Doosan Arena Plzen: Uniting Passion and Football Excellence

Welcome to Doosan Arena Plzen, a football stadium nestled in the heart of Štrunc Park, Czech Republic. With a rich history and a prime location near the convergence of the Mže and Radbuza rivers, this multi-purpose stadium is a legendary sporting hub. Formerly known as Stadion města Plzně, it is now the iconic home ground of FC Viktoria Plzen, a team that has seen immense success on this very turf. Holding an impressive capacity of 11,700 devoted football fans, Doosan Arena Plzen, also referred to as Stadion ve Štruncových sadech, showcases the remarkable story of Emil Štrunc, a revered regional chieftain of the Sokol Movement. Discover how this stadium is ingrained in the fabric of the local community, cherishing its heritage while nurturing the relentless spirit of the beautiful game.

The Legacy of Doosan Arena Plzen

From its inception as Stadion města Plzně to its rebirth as Doosan Arena Plzen, this stadium has witnessed countless epic football battles and remarkable achievements. Learn about its evolution and the milestones that have shaped its legacy.

A Home Away from Home

Tucked away in Štrunc Park, Doosan Arena Plzen enjoys an enchanting location near the meeting point of the Mže and Radbuza rivers. Explore the picturesque surroundings that set the stage for thrilling football encounters and create an unforgettable atmosphere for both players and supporters.

FC Viktoria Plzen: The Victors of Doosan Arena

Discover how FC Viktoria Plzen has made Doosan Arena their fortress, igniting the passions of their loyal fans and leaving their mark on Czech football history. Uncover the legendary victories, unforgettable moments, and the future aspirations that drive this extraordinary team.

Emil Štrunc: A Sporting Icon

Delve into the remarkable life and enduring legacy of Emil Štrunc, the inspiring figure after whom Stadion ve Štruncových sadech is named. Explore his influence on the stadium, the local community, and the enduring spirit of dedication and sportsmanship.

Design and Architecture

The Doosan Arena Plzen, located in Plzen, Czech Republic, is a remarkable football stadium renowned for its unique design and architecture. The stadium captures the essence of modern football stadiums with its innovative features, state-of-the-art facilities, and impressive aesthetics.

Description of the Stadium’s Architecture

The Doosan Arena Plzen boasts a contemporary and visually striking design that sets it apart from other stadiums. With a seating capacity of over 11,700 spectators, the stadium provides an intimate and engaging atmosphere for football matches. The architecture seamlessly blends functionality and style, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for the fans.

Information about the Designers or Architects

The stadium’s design was conceptualized by renowned architectural firm Architekti Hrůša & architekti Lupač. Founded by Tomáš Hrůša and Jiří Lupač, the firm is known for its expertise in designing sports stadiums and facilities. They have successfully incorporated their vision and creativity into the Doosan Arena Plzen, transforming it into a masterpiece of modern architecture.

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Notable Design Features

One of the most notable design features of the Doosan Arena Plzen is its distinctive roof. The roof extends over the seating areas, providing protection from weather elements while adding a touch of elegance to the stadium’s overall aesthetics. The stadium also includes spacious concourses, comfortable seating, and excellent sightlines, ensuring an enjoyable experience for spectators.

Capacity and Facilities

Doosan Arena, previously known as Stadion města Plzně, is a multi-purpose stadium located in Štrunc Park, Czech Republic. It serves as the home ground for FC Viktoria Plzeň and is primarily used for football matches.

Seating capacity

The stadium has a total seating capacity of 11,000, providing ample space for spectators to enjoy the thrilling football action.

Types of seating or viewing options

Doosan Arena offers various seating options to cater to different preferences and requirements. General seating areas are available for regular spectators, while premium seating options provide enhanced comfort and amenities. Additionally, the stadium offers boxes that provide a unique and exclusive viewing experience.

Facilities within the stadium

Visitors to Doosan Arena can take advantage of several facilities within the stadium. Concession stands offer a selection of food and beverages, ensuring that spectators can enjoy refreshments during the matches. Restrooms are conveniently located throughout the stadium for the comfort and convenience of attendees. Furthermore, there are shops where fans can purchase merchandise and show their support for FC Viktoria Plzeň.

Accessibility features for differently-abled spectators

Doosan Arena is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience for all spectators. The stadium features accessibility features such as wheelchair ramps, designated seating areas, and disabled restroom facilities to ensure that differently-abled spectators can comfortably enjoy the matches.

Notable Events

Doosan Arena in Plzen, Czech Republic, has been the venue for numerous notable events, hosting a variety of sports matches, music concerts, and other special occasions.

International Matches

Doosan Arena has proudly staged one friendly match and seven competitive matches featuring the Czech Republic national football team. These exciting encounters have brought together football enthusiasts from all over Europe to witness top-level international competitions.

Experience at Doosan Arena Plzen, Czech Republic

Doosan Arena Plzen located in Plzen, Czech Republic, is a remarkable stadium that offers an unforgettable experience for sports enthusiasts. With its vibrant atmosphere and state-of-the-art facilities, this stadium promises an enthralling time to all spectators.

Spectator Experience

Spectators at Doosan Arena Plzen are in for a treat. The stadium provides excellent visibility of the playing field from all angles, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for every attendee. Moreover, the comfortable seating arrangements allow fans to enjoy the matches in utmost comfort. The stadium’s design also ensures that crowd noise is amplified, creating an electrifying atmosphere that adds to the overall excitement of the events.

Atmosphere and Feedback

Critics and spectators alike have praised the lively atmosphere at Doosan Arena Plzen. The passionate fans, known for their unwavering support, contribute to the vibrant ambiance during matches. The stadium has received acclaim for the energy and enthusiasm that resonate throughout the stands, making it an exceptional venue for sporting events.

Traditions and Rituals

Doosan Arena Plzen is proud to uphold various traditions and rituals, adding to the uniqueness of the stadium. From pre-match rituals performed by the team to chanting and singing from the stands, these special customs contribute to the extraordinary experience for both players and spectators, creating lasting memories for all.

Sustainability Efforts at Doosan Arena Plzen, Czech Republic

Doosan Arena Plzen, located in the vibrant city of Pilsen, Czech Republic, is not only a renowned sports venue but also a pioneer in sustainability efforts.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability Efforts

Recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility, Doosan Arena Plzen has implemented various sustainability initiatives. These efforts aim to minimize the stadium’s ecological footprint and promote a greener future for sports.

Energy Efficiency Measures

One of the key aspects of Doosan Arena Plzen’s sustainability drive is energy efficiency. The stadium has implemented cutting-edge technologies to optimize energy consumption. From efficient lighting systems to intelligent temperature control, these measures significantly reduce energy wastage and contribute to a more sustainable operation.

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Use of Renewable Energy

Doosan Arena Plzen is committed to increasing its reliance on renewable energy sources. The stadium has integrated solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean electricity. This renewable energy initiative not only reduces the reliance on fossil fuels but also acts as a visible symbol of sustainable practices to visitors and fans.

Waste Management

In line with its sustainability goals, Doosan Arena Plzen prioritizes waste management. The stadium has implemented comprehensive recycling programs to minimize waste sent to landfills. Additionally, efficient waste sorting systems ensure that recyclable materials are diverted from the general waste stream, promoting a circular economy and reducing environmental impact.

Nearby Attractions

1. Local Restaurants

There are several local restaurants near Doosan Arena Plzen that offer a variety of cuisines to satisfy different tastes. From traditional Czech dishes to international delicacies, visitors can enjoy a wide range of options. Some popular choices include Restaurant U Salzmannů, known for its tasty Czech cuisine and cozy atmosphere, and La Terrazza di Casanova, which offers delicious Italian dishes.

2. Shops

Shopping enthusiasts can explore the nearby shops for a unique shopping experience. The Pilsen Plaza shopping center, located just a short distance from the stadium, offers a variety of stores ranging from fashion and accessories to electronics and home decor. Visitors can also visit Škoda Palace, a multi-purpose complex, where they can find fashion boutiques, gourmet food shops, and more.

3. Tourist Attractions

Aside from the stadium itself, Doosan Arena Plzen provides access to various tourist attractions. One must-visit site is the Pilsen Historical Underground, where visitors can explore underground passages and learn about the city’s history. Another popular attraction is the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, offering guided tours that provide insights into the traditional brewing process.

Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of Doosan Arena Plzen while immersing yourself in the local restaurants, shops, and surrounding tourist attractions.

How to Visit Doosan Arena Plzen, Europe, Czech Republic

Planning a visit to Doosan Arena Plzen in Europe, Czech Republic? Here’s everything you need to know:

Getting Tickets

Purchasing tickets for Doosan Arena Plzen is easy and convenient. You can buy them online through the official website or at the stadium on match days. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially for popular matches, to ensure availability.

Getting to the Stadium

Doosan Arena Plzen is conveniently located in the city center, making it easily accessible. There are several options for reaching the stadium:

By Public Transportation

Plzen has a well-developed public transportation system, including buses and trams. You can take a tram or bus to reach the stadium. Check the local transportation schedules and routes beforehand to plan your journey accordingly.

By Car

If you prefer to drive, there are parking facilities available near the stadium. However, parking spaces can be limited on match days, so it is advisable to arrive early to secure a spot.

Tips for First-time Visitors

If you are visiting Doosan Arena Plzen for the first time, here are a few tips to enhance your experience:

Arrive Early

To soak in the atmosphere and find your way around the stadium, it is recommended to arrive a couple of hours before the match starts. This will also help you avoid any last-minute rush.

Explore the Surroundings

Plzen offers plenty of attractions and places to explore. Take some time to visit the city’s famous landmarks, museums, and enjoy the local cuisine before or after the match.

Experience Local Culture

Attending a football match at Doosan Arena Plzen provides a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local Czech football culture. Be prepared to cheer for the team and enjoy the pre-match rituals alongside passionate fans.

With these tips, you are all set to have an unforgettable experience at Doosan Arena Plzen in Europe, Czech Republic. Enjoy the game!

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Doosan Arena Plzen has undoubtedly established itself as a premier sports venue, not just in the Czech Republic, but in all of Europe. The stadium’s state-of-the-art facilities, impressive capacity, and electric atmosphere have made it a favorite among fans and players alike.

Impact on Sport

The impact of Doosan Arena Plzen on the sport cannot be overstated. Its top-notch infrastructure, including the meticulously maintained pitch and exemplary facilities, provide a remarkable playing experience for athletes. The stadium’s impeccable track record of hosting high-profile matches and international tournaments has further elevated Plzen as a must-visit destination for football enthusiasts around the globe.

Local Community

Beyond its sporting significance, Doosan Arena has become an emblem of civic pride in the local community. The stadium serves as a gathering point for Plzen residents, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. The economic benefits associated with hosting matches and events at the arena have also contributed to the region’s growth, attracting tourists and boosting businesses in the area.


With its rich history and continuous commitment to excellence, Doosan Arena Plzen leaves a lasting legacy. It has set the bar high for future stadium developments, pushing for innovation and advancement in the sporting world. As a testament to its importance, the arena will continue to host memorable moments in football and create cherished memories for generations to come.

In the heart of Plzen, Czech Republic, Doosan Arena stands tall as one of the most iconic stadiums in Europe. With its state-of-the-art facilities and passionate fans, this stadium has witnessed countless thrilling matches and historic moments. As we bid farewell to our exploration of Doosan Arena, it is worth noting that there are other stadiums around the world that also captivate sports enthusiasts. Gimcheon Stadium in Gimcheon, South Korea, Sangju Civic Stadium in Sangju, South Korea, and Estadio Sausalito in Vina del Mar, Chile, are just a few examples of stadiums that offer their own unique atmosphere and contribute to the global tapestry of sports. Whether it’s football, baseball, or any other sport, these stadiums remind us of the universal love for sports that transcends borders and unites fans from all corners of the world.

For more information, you can check the Doosan Arena.


Q: What is the full name of the football stadium located in Plzen, Czech Republic?
A: The full name of the football stadium is Doosan Arena.

Q: What was the former name of Doosan Arena?
A: The former name of Doosan Arena was Stadion Města Plzně (1955–2012).

Q: Where is Doosan Arena located?
A: Doosan Arena is located at Štruncovy sady 3, Plzeň, Czech Republic, 301 12.

Q: Who owns Doosan Arena?
A: Doosan Arena is owned by the City of Plzeň.

Q: Which football club operates Doosan Arena?
A: Doosan Arena is operated by FC Viktoria Plzeň.

Q: What is the capacity of Doosan Arena?
A: Doosan Arena has a capacity of 11,700 spectators.

Q: What is the record attendance at Doosan Arena?
A: The record attendance at Doosan Arena is 35,000 spectators, achieved during the match between Spartak Plzeň and FK Dukla Praha in September 1961.

Q: What are the dimensions of the field at Doosan Arena?
A: The field at Doosan Arena measures 105 by 68 metres (115 by 74 yards).

Q: What type of surface is used in Doosan Arena?
A: Doosan Arena has a grassfield surface.

Q: When did construction of Doosan Arena begin?
A: Construction of Doosan Arena began in 1953.

Q: When was Doosan Arena opened?
A: Doosan Arena was opened in 1955.

Q: When were the renovations carried out at Doosan Arena?
A: Doosan Arena underwent renovations in 2003 and 2011.