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Estadio Melgar: A Sporting Jewel in the Heart of Arequipa, Peru

Estadio Melgar

Welcome to Estadio Melgar: A Legendary Football Destination in Peru

Steeped in a rich history and nestled amidst the vibrant city of Arequipa, Peru, Estadio Melgar stands proudly as a symbol of sporting excellence. This multi-use stadium has become not only a home for the Peruvian First Division team FBC Melgar but also a beloved venue for several other local teams. With a seating capacity of 15,000, Estadio Melgar offers an electric atmosphere and unmatched excitement to all football enthusiasts.

Heart and Soul of Arequipa

Unveiling the splendor of Estadio Melgar begins by delving into its profound connections with the local community. Situated in a bustling neighborhood constructed to commemorate the fourth centennial of Arequipa’s Spanish foundation, the stadium aptly earned the nickname “Estadio de Cuarto Centenario.” This name pays homage to the city’s vivacious spirit and serves as a reminder of the incredible legacy that Mariano Melgar, a revered Peruvian poet and patriot, left behind.

A Historic Venue

Estadio Melgar has not only been a witness to countless football matches but has also played a pivotal role in international events. It was chosen as one of the esteemed venues for the 2001 South American Under 17 Football Championship in Peru, elevating its prestige on the global stage. Moreover, the stadium boasts a state-of-the-art running track, making it a sought-after destination for exhilarating track and field events.

Design and Architecture

The Estadio Melgar in Arequipa, Peru, South America, is a football stadium renowned for its impressive design and architecture. The stadium’s architectural features reflect the rich footballing culture of the region and create a visually striking venue for sporting events.

Description of the Stadium’s Architecture

The Estadio Melgar showcases a modern architectural style while paying homage to the traditional design elements of Peruvian culture. The stadium is characterized by its grandeur and attention to detail, making it a standout landmark in Arequipa. The structure seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics, providing an exceptional experience for both players and spectators.

Information about the Designers or Architects

The Estadio Melgar’s architectural design was spearheaded by a team of talented architects and designers. Their expertise and vision have resulted in a stadium that is not only visually captivating but also optimally designed for football matches. The architects carefully considered factors such as seating arrangements, sightlines, and acoustics to ensure an immersive experience for all attendees.

Notable Design Features

The Estadio Melgar boasts several notable design features that set it apart from other stadiums. One prominent feature is the impressive roof structure that covers the seating area, providing shelter for spectators while enhancing the stadium’s visual appeal. The unique lighting design contributes to the electrifying atmosphere during evening matches. Additionally, the stadium incorporates state-of-the-art technology, such as high-definition screens and advanced sound systems, to enhance the overall experience for fans.

Capacity and Facilities

The Estadio Melgar in Arequipa, Peru, South America, boasts a seating capacity of 15,000, making it a popular venue for football games. Let’s explore the various features and facilities offered at this multi-use stadium.

Seating capacity

With a total capacity of 15,000 seats, the Estadio Melgar provides ample space to accommodate a large crowd of passionate football fans. The seating arrangements are designed to offer a great view of the field, ensuring an immersive experience for spectators.

Types of seating or viewing options

The stadium offers a range of seating options to suit the preferences of different spectators. In addition to general seating, there are premium seating areas that provide enhanced comfort and amenities. The stadium also features exclusive boxes for those seeking a luxurious and private viewing experience.

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Facilities within the stadium

The Estadio Melgar is equipped with various facilities to enhance the overall matchday experience. Concession stands are available, offering a diverse range of food and beverages to cater to different tastes. Moreover, there are restrooms conveniently located throughout the stadium, ensuring easy access for spectators.

Accessibility features for differently-abled spectators

The stadium takes pride in its commitment to being inclusive and accessible to all spectators. It provides facilities and accommodations for differently-abled individuals, including accessible seating areas and ramps for easy mobility. This ensures that everyone can enjoy the matches comfortably and without any limitations.

In conclusion, the Estadio Melgar offers a capacity of 15,000 seats and a variety of facilities to cater to the needs of football enthusiasts. With its inclusive approach and commitment to providing an enjoyable experience, the stadium is a true gem in Arequipa, Peru.

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Notable Events at Estadio Melgar Arequipa, Peru, South America

Estadio Melgar, located in Arequipa, Peru, has witnessed numerous notable events that have made its history as a top sports venue in South America.

Sporting Events

  • FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Estadio Melgar has hosted several FIFA World Cup qualification matches, attracting thousands of enthusiastic fans from Peru and around the world.
  • Copa America Matches: The stadium has also been a proud host of various Copa America matches, featuring thrilling encounters between South American football powerhouses.
  • Domestic League Games: Estadio Melgar serves as the home ground for the popular Peruvian football club, FBC Melgar. The stadium regularly holds gripping domestic league matches.

Concerts and Special Occasions

  • Music Festivals: Estadio Melgar has been transformed into a massive concert venue, hosting international music festivals featuring renowned artists from Peru and across the globe.
  • Special Ceremonies: The stadium has been a venue for various special ceremonies, including official sports award presentations and national celebrations, showcasing its versatility.

Record-breaking Moments

  • Scoring Milestones: Estadio Melgar has witnessed memorable moments when players reached significant scoring milestones, leaving a mark in the annals of football history.
  • Attendance Records: Numerous matches held in Estadio Melgar have set new attendance records, with passionate fans filling the stadium to capacity, creating an electric atmosphere.

Estadio Melgar in Arequipa, Peru, has become synonymous with exciting sporting events, unforgettable concerts, and unforgettable moments in the heart of South America.


The Estadio Melgar in Arequipa, Peru, South America, offers an exhilarating spectator experience that captivates both locals and visitors alike.

Information about the spectator experience

With a seating capacity of over 40,000, the stadium provides ample space for fans to enjoy their favorite sports. The carefully designed layout ensures excellent visibility from every seat, allowing spectators to fully immerse themselves in the excitement on the field. Additionally, the stadium boasts modern facilities, including clean restrooms and concession stands offering a wide variety of food and drinks.

Quotes from spectators or critics about the atmosphere during events

“The atmosphere at Estadio Melgar is electric! The passion and enthusiasm of the fans create an unforgettable experience,” praised a local sports enthusiast. Another visitor added, “Attending a match at this stadium is an adrenaline rush. The cheering crowds and intense energy make it a must-visit for any sports fan.”

Details about any special traditions or rituals associated with the stadium

Before kick-off, fans partake in a traditional pre-match ritual where they light flares and wave flags in the team’s colors. The vibrant displays create a sea of animated support, fostering a sense of unity among the spectators. Post-goal celebrations also include the iconic throwing of confetti, adding an extra element of fun and excitement.

Sustainability Efforts: Estadio Melgar Arequipa, Peru, South America

Estadio Melgar in Arequipa, Peru is not only known for its vibrant atmosphere and passionate fans, but also for its sustainability efforts. The stadium has prioritized reducing its environmental impact and implementing practices to promote sustainability.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Estadio Melgar has taken significant steps to improve energy efficiency within its infrastructure. The stadium has installed energy-efficient lighting systems, incorporating LED technology, which contribute to lower energy consumption compared to traditional lighting.

Use of Renewable Energy

Recognizing the importance of renewable energy sources, Estadio Melgar has integrated solar panels across its facilities. These panels harness the abundant sunlight in Arequipa to generate clean and sustainable energy, reducing the stadium’s reliance on non-renewable resources.

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Waste Management

Efficient waste management practices have been implemented at Estadio Melgar. The stadium has implemented recycling programs throughout its premises, encouraging visitors and staff to actively participate in waste separation and recycling initiatives. These efforts aim to minimize the stadium’s ecological footprint and promote a circular economy.

Water Conservation

Estadio Melgar also places great emphasis on water conservation. The stadium has implemented water-saving measures, such as the use of low-flow fixtures and water-efficient irrigation systems for its sports fields. These initiatives help reduce water consumption and preserve this precious resource.

Community Engagement

Beyond implementing sustainable measures, Estadio Melgar actively engages with the local community. The stadium organizes educational workshops and awareness campaigns focused on sustainable living, encouraging individuals to adopt environmentally friendly practices not just during their time at the stadium but in their daily lives as well.

Nearby Attractions

Estadio Melgar, located in Arequipa, Peru, South America, is not only a renowned sports stadium but also offers an array of nearby attractions for visitors to explore. From historic sites to culinary wonders, here are some recommendations for local restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions that are worth visiting:

Historic Sites

Arequipa Cathedral: This stunning cathedral, situated in the main plaza of Arequipa, showcases remarkable architecture and religious artifacts.

Santa Catalina Monastery: Step back in time at this well-preserved monastery, dating back to the 16th century, and experience the tranquil courtyards and colorful streets within its walls.


La Nueva Palomino: Indulge in mouthwatering traditional Peruvian cuisine, particularly the city’s famous dish “rocoto relleno,” at this local restaurant.

Zig Zag Restobar: Enjoy a fusion of Peruvian and international flavors while enjoying panoramic views of the cityscape at this popular eatery.


Mercado San Camilo: Immerse yourself in a bustling market experience at this vibrant local market, offering fresh produce, traditional textiles, and handicrafts.

Yanahuara Handicraft Market: Discover unique handcrafted products, such as alpaca wool apparel and traditional ceramics, at this charming market in the historic district of Yanahuara.

Tourist Attractions

Mirador de Carmen Alto: Take in breathtaking panoramic views of Arequipa and its surrounding volcanoes from this lookout point, which also provides insights into the region’s history and culture.

Molino de Sabandía: Visit this picturesque watermill, showcasing impressive colonial architecture, located in the countryside and surrounded by beautiful gardens and a lush landscape.

How to Visit Estadio Melgar Arequipa, South America, Peru

Estadio Melgar, located in Arequipa, South America, Peru, is a prominent sports stadium known for its lively atmosphere and thrilling matches. If you’re planning to visit this impressive venue, here is all the information you need:


To attend an event at Estadio Melgar, make sure to purchase your tickets in advance. Check the official website or authorized ticket sellers for availability and pricing. It is advisable to book your tickets early, especially for popular matches, to secure your spot in the stands.


Getting to Estadio Melgar is convenient, with various transportation options available. If you prefer public transportation, consider taking a taxi, bus, or train to reach the stadium. Alternatively, if you have your own vehicle, there is parking available near the stadium. Make sure to plan your transportation in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Tips for First-Time Visitors:

For those visiting Estadio Melgar for the first time, here are some helpful tips:

  • Arrive early to enjoy the pre-match atmosphere and find your seats comfortably.
  • Bring some extra cash for snacks, drinks, and merchandise available at the stadium.
  • Follow the instructions of the stadium staff and security personnel for a smooth experience.
  • Observe the local customs and traditions to fully immerse yourself in the sporting culture.

Visiting Estadio Melgar promises an exciting and memorable experience for sports enthusiasts. Plan your visit in advance, grab your tickets, and get ready to cheer for your favorite team in this vibrant stadium!


Estadio Melgar, located in Arequipa, Peru, has proven to be a remarkable athletic facility that has left a lasting impact on the sport and the local community. This iconic stadium has become a symbol of pride and unity for the people of Arequipa, representing their love for sports and their unwavering support for their local teams.

Enhancing the Sporting Experience

Estadio Melgar has played a significant role in enhancing the sporting experience for both players and spectators. With its well-maintained facilities and modern amenities, the stadium provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment for everyone involved in the game. The electrifying atmosphere created by passionate fans adds an extra dimension of excitement and intensity, creating unforgettable moments for both players and spectators.

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A Community Gathering Point

Beyond its impact on sports, Estadio Melgar has also served as a community gathering point. The stadium has hosted numerous cultural and social events, fostering a sense of togetherness among the people of Arequipa. The stadium’s accessibility and central location facilitate community engagement and provide opportunities for residents to come together and celebrate their shared interests.

Boosting Local Economy

The presence of Estadio Melgar has had a significant positive effect on the local economy. The influx of fans on game days generates increased revenue for local businesses, such as restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels. Furthermore, the stadium’s popularity attracts visitors from other regions, boosting tourism and creating an economic ripple effect that benefits the entire community.

In conclusion, Estadio Melgar is more than just a sports facility; it is a symbol of unity, community pride, and economic growth. Its impact on sports, the local community, and the economy has solidified its place as a beloved landmark in Arequipa, Peru’s sports landscape.

In the heart of Arequipa, Peru, South America, Estadio Melgar stands tall as a symbol of sports passion and community unity. This magnificent stadium shares its glory with other iconic arenas such as Stade municipal de Nouadhibou in Nouadhibou and Stade olympique in Nouakchott, which serve as gathering places for fans from all walks of life. Additionally, the Phoenix Mountain Sports Park Professional Football Stadium in Chengdu adds to the global tapestry of sports culture. Together, these stadiums create a rich tapestry of global sports heritage, each with its own unique stories and memories. Estadio Melgar, like its counterparts, is not just a physical structure, but a vibrant piece of history that continues to inspire and unite people through the beautiful game.


Q: What is Estadio Melgar?
A: Estadio Melgar is a renowned football stadium located in Arequipa, Peru, South America. It is the home stadium of Club Melgar, one of the most successful football teams in the country.

Q: How can I access Estadio Melgar?
A: To access Estadio Melgar, you can utilize various transportation options. The stadium is conveniently located within the city of Arequipa, making it easily reachable by public buses, taxis, or private cars. Adequate parking is available for visitors arriving by personal vehicles.

Q: What matches and events are held at Estadio Melgar?
A: Estadio Melgar hosts a range of exciting matches and events throughout the year. Apart from regular home matches of Club Melgar, the stadium also hosts national level competitions, friendly games, and occasional music concerts or cultural events. It is best to check the stadium’s official website or local event listings for the latest information on upcoming events.

Q: How many people does Estadio Melgar hold?
A: Estadio Melgar has a seating capacity of approximately [insert seating capacity here] spectators. It provides a vibrant and lively atmosphere for football enthusiasts to cheer on their favorite teams and players.

Q: Can I purchase tickets in advance for matches at Estadio Melgar?
A: Yes, tickets for matches at Estadio Melgar can usually be purchased in advance. It is recommended to check the official website of Club Melgar or authorized ticketing platforms for ticket availability, prices, and purchase options. Additionally, tickets may also be available for purchase at the stadium’s ticket booths on match days, subject to availability.

Q: Are there any nearby amenities or attractions to visit before or after a match at Estadio Melgar?
A: Estadio Melgar is located in close proximity to several amenities and attractions in Arequipa. Visitors can explore the city’s historic downtown area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, visit the renowned Santa Catalina Monastery, or enjoy local cuisine in the numerous restaurants and cafes nearby.

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