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Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte: A Historic Sporting Landmark in Potosi, Bolivia

Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte

Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte Potosi, Bolivia, South America: Uniting Passion and Legacy

Discover the remarkable Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte, a historic multi-purpose stadium nestled in the heart of Potosí, Bolivia. Formerly known as Estadio Mario Mercado Vaca Guzmán, this iconic venue has become a symbol of pride for the local community, especially for the passionate football fans who fill its stands. With a seating capacity reaching an impressive 32,000 people, the stadium serves as the beloved home turf for prestigious clubs, including Real Potosí and Nacional Potosí.

Unveiling a Fascinating Past

Dive into the fascinating history of Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte, which encapsulates the rich heritage of Potosí. Originally constructed in a bygone era, this stadium has witnessed countless epic matches, thrilling victories, and remarkable moments that reverberate throughout Bolivian sports history. Rediscover the stories, the glory, and the legendary players who have graced this hallowed ground.

A City Icon

Situated in the picturesque city of Potosí, the Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte stands as more than just a sports venue—it’s a cherished landmark that reflects the city’s unity and resilience. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and the vibrant energy of the community, the stadium exudes an atmosphere that truly enchants visitors and encapsulates the essence of Bolivian football culture.

A Gathering Place for Rivalry and Camaraderie

Step foot into a world where rivalries ignite and camaraderie flourishes. At Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte, passionate football fans come together to unleash their fervor, creating an electrifying ambiance that captivates all who enter. Experience the pulsating energy, roaring cheers, and unwavering support that make every match a spectacle and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of both players and spectators.

Design and Architecture

This article explores the design and architecture of Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte, a prominent football stadium located in Potosi, Bolivia, South America.

Description of the Stadium’s Architecture

The Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte showcases a remarkable architectural style that reflects both modern elements and Bolivian traditions. The stadium stands as a symbol of pride for the local community and holds a rich history in the realm of football.

Information about the Designers or Architects

The masterminds behind the stadium’s stunning design are renowned architects who have contributed significantly to the Bolivian architectural landscape. Their expertise and vision have seamlessly blended functionality, aesthetics, and cultural considerations in the construction of this iconic venue.

Notable Design Features

The Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte boasts several remarkable design features that enhance the overall spectator experience. Firstly, the stadium’s seating arrangement offers unobstructed views from every angle, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable football experience for the attendees. Additionally, the innovative roofing system provides shelter to the spectators, shielding them from inclement weather without compromising the view of the pitch.

Furthermore, the stadium’s entrance is adorned with intricate details and artistic elements that pay homage to the local heritage and culture. From beautifully crafted statues to vibrant murals showcasing the history of Bolivian football, every corner of Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte exudes a sense of passion and pride.

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Capacity and Facilities

Estadio Víctor Agustín Ugarte, also known as Estadio Mario Mercado Vaca Guzmán, is a multi-purpose stadium in Potosí, Bolivia, primarily used for football matches. Home to the clubs Real Potosí and Nacional Potosí, this stadium has a total capacity of 32,000 people.

Seating Capacity

The Estadio Víctor Agustín Ugarte can accommodate up to 32,000 spectators. This provides a vibrant and electric atmosphere for all the football matches held here.

Types of Seating or Viewing Options

The stadium offers various seating options to cater to the preferences and comfort of different spectators. It includes general seating areas where fans can experience the live action of the matches. Additionally, premium seating options are available for those seeking enhanced comfort and luxury. The stadium also features private boxes, providing an exclusive viewing experience for corporate clients or groups.


The Estadio Víctor Agustín Ugarte is equipped with a range of facilities to enhance the overall experience for spectators. The stadium offers concessions where fans can purchase food, drinks, and snacks during the matches. Restrooms are conveniently located throughout the venue, ensuring the comfort and convenience of visitors. Moreover, there are shops where fans can buy merchandise and memorabilia to support their favorite teams.

Accessibility Features for Differently-Abled Spectators

Esteemed for its commitment to inclusivity, the stadium provides accessibility features for differently-abled spectators. These include designated seating areas with appropriate amenities and facilities to accommodate individuals with disabilities. The stadium also ensures easy access and smooth pathways to enable people with mobility challenges to navigate within the venue comfortably.

Notable Events at Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte Potosi, Bolivia, South America

Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte, located in Potosi, Bolivia, has witnessed numerous notable events and captivating performances throughout its history. This stadium serves as a renowned venue for significant sports events, thrilling concerts, and other remarkable occasions.

Record-Breaking Moments and Memorable Performances

Over the years, Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte has been a witness to numerous record-breaking moments and unforgettable performances. It has hosted various sports events and concerts that have left a lasting impact on both the athletes and fans.

Notable Sports Events

Several significant sports events have been held at Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte, leaving spectators in awe of the exceptional talents on display. These events have showcased the skill and dedication of both local and international athletes, making history within the stadium’s walls.

Remarkable Concerts and Shows

In addition to hosting thrilling sporting events, Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte has also welcomed renowned artists and performers, captivating audiences with unforgettable concerts and shows. The stadium has served as a platform for unforgettable musical experiences, creating cherished memories for attendees.

Distinctive Cultural and Social Occasions

Besides sports and music, Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte has been a venue for various distinctive cultural and social occasions. These events have brought people together, celebrating traditions, promoting unity, and fostering an inclusive atmosphere within the community.

With its rich history and remarkable facilities, Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte continues to charm spectators and participants alike, offering an extraordinary setting for unforgettable moments and events that will be cherished for years to come.

Experience at Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte Potosi, Bolivia, South America

Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte Potosi, located in Bolivia, South America, offers a unique and immersive experience for sports enthusiasts. The stadium is known for its vibrant atmosphere during events, creating an unforgettable experience for both spectators and critics.

Spectator Experience

The stadium provides a thrilling environment for spectators, with lively crowds contributing to the electric atmosphere. Supporters passionately cheer on their favorite teams, creating an exhilarating and immersive experience for everyone attending.

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Quotes and Atmosphere

Spectators and critics alike have praised the atmosphere at Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte Potosi. “The energy of the crowd is palpable, and it truly enhances the enjoyment of the match,” said one fan. Critics often remark on the intense passion displayed by both the players and the audience, making it a memorable experience for all.

Special Traditions and Rituals

Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte Potosi has its share of special traditions associated with the stadium. Before matches, fans engage in pre-game rituals, including singing team songs and waving banners. These traditions contribute to the unique and passionate atmosphere that surrounds the stadium.

Sustainability Efforts at Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte Potosi, Bolivia, South America

Environmental Impact and Sustainability Efforts

Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte Potosi in Bolivia, South America, is committed to reducing its environmental impact and implementing sustainable practices. The stadium management recognizes the importance of protecting the environment while promoting sports and entertainment.

Energy Efficiency Measures

Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte Potosi has taken significant steps to improve energy efficiency within its premises. By implementing energy-efficient lighting systems, such as LED technology, the stadium aims to minimize its energy consumption while still providing optimal lighting conditions for players and spectators.

Use of Renewable Energy

In an effort to transition to clean energy sources, the stadium has invested in solar panels and other renewable energy technologies. These initiatives help offset the electricity demands of the stadium, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy and lowering carbon emissions.

Waste Management

The management of Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte Potosi understands the importance of proper waste management. Various recycling stations are strategically placed throughout the stadium, encouraging fans and staff to recycle plastic, paper, and other recyclable materials. Additionally, the stadium has partnered with local waste management companies to ensure proper disposal of non-recyclable waste.

Nearby Attractions

Discover the exciting activities and attractions that surround Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte in Potosi, Bolivia, South America. From local food delights to cultural wonders, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant region.

Local Restaurants

Indulge in mouthwatering Bolivian cuisine at the nearby restaurants. Taste the traditional flavors of Potosi while savoring dishes like saice, silpancho, and api con pastel. With options to suit all tastes, these local eateries provide a culinary experience not to be missed.

Shops and Markets

Explore the bustling street markets near Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and find unique souvenirs. From handmade crafts to colorful textiles, these markets offer an authentic shopping experience.

Tourist Attractions

Take time to discover Potosi’s rich heritage by visiting its captivating tourist attractions. Marvel at the grandeur of the Casa Nacional de la Moneda, a former colonial mint, or explore the striking architecture of the Church of San Lorenzo. These historical landmarks provide glimpses into the city’s fascinating past.

How to Visit Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte in Potosi, South America, Bolivia

Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte, located in Potosi, South America, Bolivia, is a must-visit for sports enthusiasts. Here’s everything you need to know to plan your visit to this iconic stadium:

Getting Tickets

To secure tickets for a match at Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte, check the official website or visit the stadium’s ticket counter on game day. It’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Getting to the Stadium

The stadium is conveniently located within Potosi, making it easily accessible. Visitors can take a taxi or use public transportation to reach the venue. Plan your journey in advance and consider the traffic situation to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Parking Information

Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte offers parking facilities for visitors arriving in their own vehicles. However, it’s advisable to arrive early to secure a parking spot as availability may be limited, especially during high-profile matches.

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Tips for First-Time Visitors

For first-time visitors to Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte, it’s recommended to arrive early to explore the surrounding area. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the vibrant atmosphere and exciting moments during the match. Additionally, don’t forget to try some local food and beverages available at the stadium as part of the overall experience.


The Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte in Potosi, Bolivia, South America, holds a significant place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts and the local community alike. This iconic stadium has not only provided a glorious stage for sporting events but has also played a vital role in shaping the spirit of the local community.

The Historic Significance

The Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte stands as a testament to the rich sporting history of Potosi. Its foundations were laid decades ago, and over the years, it has witnessed countless remarkable moments that will forever be etched in the memories of both players and spectators.

The Sporting Passion

This stadium has fostered a deep passion for sports among the local community. It has been a hub of excitement, joy, and camaraderie as fans from all walks of life come together to support their favorite teams. The electric atmosphere within its stands elevates the spirit of every game played here.

Community Development

Furthermore, the Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte has been an integral part of community development. It has provided numerous employment opportunities, boosting the local economy. More importantly, it has acted as a gathering point, facilitating social interactions and strengthening the local bond.

In conclusion, the Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte deserves to be celebrated not only for its architectural grandeur but also for the positive impact it has had on sports and the local community. It will forever hold a special place in the hearts of all who have experienced the thrill of a match within its hallowed grounds.

In the heart of Potosi, Bolivia, Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte stands as a testament to the city’s love for sports. This iconic stadium has witnessed countless memorable moments, inspiring both local fans and visiting teams. And while it may be the focus of our attention today, there are other stadiums worth exploring. Donaustadion in Ulm, Sudstadion in Cologne, and Sparebanken Sr Arena in Kristiansand all offer their unique charm and history. As sports enthusiasts, let us continue to explore these remarkable venues, each lending its own contribution to the world of sports.

For more information, you can check the Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte.


Q: What is the current name of the stadium?
A: The current name of the stadium is Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte.

Q: Where is Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte located?
A: Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte is located in Potosi, Bolivia, South America.

Q: What were the former names of the stadium?
A: The stadium was formerly known as Estadio Mario Mercado Vaca Guzmán and Estadio San Clemente.

Q: What are the coordinates of the stadium?
A: The coordinates of Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte are 19°34′43″S 65°45′40″W.

Q: How many people can the stadium accommodate?
A: The stadium has a capacity of 32,000, although sometimes it is limited.

Q: When was Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte opened?
A: The stadium was opened in 1992.

Q: When was the stadium renovated?
A: The stadium was renovated in 2008.

Q: How much did the construction of Estadio Victor Agustin Ugarte cost?
A: The construction cost of the stadium was approximately 29,000,000.

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