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Stade du 4-Aout-1983: Burkina Faso’s Epic Sports Arena in Ouagadougou

Stade du 4-aout-1983

Tucked away in the vibrant city of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, lies the awe-inspiring Stade du 4-aout-1983 – a true symbol of football passion and pride. With a history as captivating as its atmosphere, this iconic stadium stands tall, etching its mark on both the sporting and cultural frontiers of Africa.

A Legendary Sporting Haven

Originally constructed in 1983, the year of its namesake, Stade du 4-aout-1983 has witnessed countless exhilarating moments and long-standing traditions. Serving as the battleground for fierce football clashes, the stadium has been a haven for both local and international talent, leaving spectators breathless with every goal, tackle, and celebration.

An Epicenter of Burkina Faso’s Soul

Located amidst the bustling streets of Ouagadougou, Stade du 4-aout-1983 embraces its role as the epicenter of Burkina Faso’s soul. Embraced by the local community, the stadium transcends boundaries, fostering unity and solidarity among its passionate fans. The roar of thousands, the vibrant colors waving in sync, and the electric atmosphere create an unforgettable experience that resonates far beyond the confines of the pitch.

A Cultural Landmark

In addition to its sporting prowess, Stade du 4-aout-1983 stands as a cultural landmark, proudly showcasing the rich heritage and traditions that define Burkina Faso. Whether during national celebrations or captivating cultural events, this remarkable venue pulsates with the rhythm of African pride, leaving an indelible mark on all who enter its hallowed gates.

Design and Architecture

The Stade du 4-aout-1983 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Africa, is a football stadium that boasts remarkable architecture and design, making it an iconic landmark in the region.

Description of the Stadium’s Architecture

The stadium features a modern and clean design, with a capacity of approximately 35,000 spectators. It is characterized by its impressive horseshoe-shaped roof, which extends over the stands, providing shelter from the elements for spectators. The roof is supported by tall columns that add an aesthetic appeal to the overall structure.

Information about the Designers or Architects

The architects responsible for the design of Stade du 4-aout-1983 were Jeanette Abalama and Christophe Kéré. They were highly regarded for their expertise in designing sports facilities and their ability to blend functionality with aesthetics. Abalama and Kéré aimed to create a stadium that not only fulfilled its purpose but also stood out as an architectural gem.

Notable Design Features

One notable design feature of the stadium is the use of vibrant colors in its exterior facade. The colors reflect the dynamic spirit of the sport and add a touch of liveliness to the structure. Additionally, the stadium is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a state-of-the-art sound system and advanced lighting, enhancing the overall match-day experience for both players and spectators.

Capacity and Facilities

The Stade du 4-aout-1983 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, is a renowned stadium that boasts a total seating capacity of 60,000 spectators. Let’s delve into the various features and facilities offered at this esteemed sporting venue.

Seating Capacity

The Stade du 4-aout-1983 has the ability to accommodate a massive crowd of 60,000 people, making it a significant landmark in Burkina Faso. The ample seating options ensure that fans from all walks of life can come together and cheer on their favorite teams or athletes.

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Types of Seating or Viewing Options

This prestigious stadium offers a range of seating options to cater to the diverse preferences of spectators. It includes general seating for regular fans who desire a comfortable view of the action. Additionally, there are premium seating areas for those seeking a more exclusive and luxurious experience. The stadium also provides private boxes for VIP guests, enabling them to enjoy the event in utmost privacy and comfort.

Facilities within the Stadium

The Stade du 4-aout-1983 offers a multitude of facilities to enhance the overall experience of visitors. Numerous concessions are available, offering a variety of food and beverage options to satisfy attendees’ cravings. The stadium also features well-maintained restrooms throughout the premises, ensuring the comfort and convenience of the spectators. Additionally, there are shops within the stadium where fans can purchase official merchandise and memorabilia.

Accessibility Features for Differently-Abled Spectators

The Stade du 4-aout-1983 takes pride in being inclusive and welcoming to all spectators, including those with special needs. The stadium is equipped with accessibility features such as ramps and designated seating areas, making it accessible for wheelchair users and individuals with mobility impairments. These thoughtful accommodations ensure that everyone can enjoy the thrilling sporting events held at this remarkable venue.

Notable Events at Stade du 4-aout-1983 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Africa

Stade du 4-aout-1983 Ouagadougou, located in Burkina Faso’s capital city, has been the site of numerous noteworthy events throughout its history. This magnificent stadium, named after the date of the country’s revolution, has hosted a variety of sports competitions, concerts, and other significant occasions over the years.

Record-Breaking Moments

Stade du 4-aout-1983 has witnessed several record-breaking moments that have left a lasting impact on the sports world. From breathtaking athletic feats to remarkable achievements, these instances have etched themselves into the stadium’s history. Whether it’s a sprinter setting a new national record or a long-distance runner breaking their personal best, these record-breaking moments have captivated audiences and inspired future generations.

Memorable Performances

The stadium has also been a stage where artists, musicians, and bands have delivered unforgettable performances. Internationally acclaimed musicians have graced the venue, leaving the crowd in awe with their talent, energy, and showmanship. These memorable performances have created lasting memories for both the performers and the audience, adding to the cultural significance of Stade du 4-aout-1983.

Sports Events and Competitions

Stade du 4-aout-1983 has been a hub for sports events and competitions, attracting athletes from around the country and beyond. It has hosted a range of sporting disciplines, including football matches, athletics competitions, and even martial arts tournaments. This versatile stadium provides an excellent venue for athletes to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.

Cultural Gatherings

Beyond sports and music, the stadium has also been a gathering place for cultural events that celebrate Burkina Faso’s rich heritage. Festivals, ceremonies, and community events have brought people together at Stade du 4-aout-1983, promoting unity and fostering a deep sense of pride in the country’s diverse traditions.

Stade du 4-aout-1983 Ouagadougou continues to hold a special place in the hearts of the local community and visitors alike. Its history is shaped by the notable events that have taken place within its walls, leaving a lasting legacy and contributing to the vibrant cultural fabric of Burkina Faso.

Spectator Experience at Stade du 4-aout-1983 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Africa

The Stade du 4-aout-1983, located in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, offers an awe-inspiring experience for sports enthusiasts. This stadium, named after the Burkinabe Revolution Day, is a symbol of national pride and has witnessed numerous thrilling events over the years.

Atmosphere and Feedback

Spectators and critics alike have praised the vibrant atmosphere that fills the air during events held at the Stade du 4-aout-1983. The energy and passion displayed by the crowd create an electrifying atmosphere that adds to the excitement of the matches or competitions. Quotes from spectators often highlight the enthusiastic support and relentless cheering that resonates throughout the stadium.

Special Traditions and Rituals

Stade du 4-aout-1983 boasts some remarkable traditions and rituals deeply rooted in the Burkinabe culture. Prior to matches, spectators often engage in fervent drumming, singing, and dancing, reflecting the rich heritage of the country. These traditions, passed down through generations, enhance the overall experience and make the stadium’s ambiance truly unique.

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Sustainability Efforts

The Stade du 4-aout-1983 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Africa, is not only a magnificent sports arena, but also a beacon of sustainability and environmental consciousness. The stadium management has taken several initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and incorporate sustainable practices.

Energy Efficiency Measures

The stadium has implemented various energy-efficient measures to minimize its energy consumption. These include the installation of energy-efficient lighting systems throughout the facility and the use of advanced climate control technologies that optimize energy use while ensuring spectator comfort.

Renewable Energy Utilization

In a remarkable move towards renewable energy, the Stade du 4-aout-1983 has integrated solar power systems. The stadium’s roof is equipped with solar panels that generate clean and sustainable electricity, reducing reliance on conventional energy sources and lowering carbon emissions.

Effective Waste Management

The stadium prioritizes waste management and employs effective recycling practices. Proper waste segregation bins are strategically placed around the premises, encouraging both visitors and staff to separate recyclable materials from general waste. This proactive approach promotes a greener and more eco-friendly environment within the stadium.

The Stade du 4-aout-1983 in Ouagadougou serves as a remarkable example of how a sports facility can prioritize sustainability. By implementing energy efficiency measures, utilizing renewable energy, and emphasizing waste management, this stadium demonstrates its commitment to preserving the environment while fostering athletic excellence.

Nearby Attractions

Stade du 4-aout-1983 is located in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Africa, and offers an exciting sports experience for fans. Apart from the stadium’s thrilling events, there are several attractions nearby that visitors can explore:


Indulge in delectable local cuisine at restaurants near Stade du 4-aout-1983. From traditional West African dishes to international flavors, the diverse selection caters to all tastes and preferences.


Adjacent to the stadium, there are numerous shops where visitors can find unique souvenirs, traditional crafts, and textiles. Discover the vibrant local markets to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Burkina Faso.

Tourist Attractions

Explore the fascinating tourist attractions around Ouagadougou. Visit the nearby National Museum, showcasing Burkina Faso’s history and cultural artifacts. The stunning Bangr-Weogo Park offers beautiful landscapes and various recreational activities, perfect for leisurely strolls.

How to Visit Stade du 4-aout-1983 Ouagadougou, Africa, Burkina Faso

Stade du 4-aout-1983 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, is a renowned sports stadium in Africa. If you are planning to visit this iconic venue, here’s what you need to know:

Getting Tickets

To attend an event at Stade du 4-aout-1983, you can purchase tickets from authorized sellers or online platforms. It is advisable to book in advance to secure your spot in the stands.

Reaching the Stadium

The stadium is easily accessible via various modes of transportation. If you are arriving by car, there is ample parking available near the venue. Public buses also operate routes that pass by the stadium, making it convenient for visitors to reach.

Parking Information

For those planning to drive to Stade du 4-aout-1983, there are designated parking areas located in close proximity to the stadium. It is recommended to arrive early to secure a parking spot, as it can get crowded during large events.

Tips for First-Time Visitors

If you are visiting Stade du 4-aout-1983 for the first time, here are some helpful tips:

  • Bring sunscreen and a hat, as the stadium does not provide much shade.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, as you may need to navigate stairs and walkways to access your seat.
  • Arrive ahead of time to explore the surroundings and soak in the atmosphere before the event begins.
  • Stay hydrated by bringing a bottle of water with you, as it can get hot during the day.

Stade du 4-aout-1983 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso – A Sporting Gem in the Heart of Africa

Ever since its inauguration in 1983, the Stade du 4-aout-1983 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso has thrived as a vibrant hub of sporting excellence. With state-of-the-art facilities and a capacity to accommodate over 35,000 enthusiastic spectators, the stadium has been a significant catalyst for development and unity in the local community.

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A Legacy of Sporting Success

The Stade du 4-aout-1983 has played a critical role in the advancement of sports in Burkina Faso. It has witnessed countless thrilling matches, from captivating football clashes to nail-biting athletics competitions. The stadium has served as a breeding ground for talented athletes, producing national and international stars who have made their mark in various sporting disciplines.

A Meeting Point for the Community

Beyond its athletic significance, the Stade du 4-aout-1983 has become a symbol of unity for the people of Ouagadougou. It acts not only as a venue for sporting events but also as a meeting point where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate their shared passion for sports. The collective cheers and vibrant atmosphere echoing within its walls create a sense of camaraderie and pride among the spectators. The stadium has undoubtedly fostered a strong sense of community spirit.

A Catalyst for Socio-economic Growth

The Stade du 4-aout-1983 has also impacted the local community’s socio-economic landscape. Hosting national and international sporting events brings significant economic benefits to the region. The influx of visitors stimulates tourism, generates employment opportunities, and boosts local businesses. Furthermore, the stadium’s infrastructure development has facilitated the growth of nearby facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and transportation, creating a positive ripple effect on the overall economy.

A Bright Sporting Future

As the Stade du 4-aout-1983 continues to evolve and adapt to the changing sporting landscape, the future looks promising. Ongoing maintenance and improvements ensure that the stadium remains a premier sporting venue not only in Burkina Faso but also across Africa. With its rich legacy, unwavering community support, and dedication to sporting excellence, the Stade du 4-aout-1983 stands tall as a symbol of sporting achievement and unity for generations to come.

In the vibrant city of Ouagadougou, Stade du 4-aout-1983 stands tall among other remarkable stadiums. Its impressive seating capacity and rich history make it a symbol of Burkina Faso’s love for sports. As we conclude our journey through this iconic stadium, it’s important to note that it is not alone in leaving a lasting impact on the sports culture of its respective city. Similar to Stade du 4-aout-1983, Estadio General Francisco Morazan in San Pedro Sula, Estadio Tiburcio Carias Andino in Tegucigalpa, and Prince Saud bin Jalawi Stadium in Khobar also hold significant places in their communities. These stadiums, like the ones in Ouagadougou, unite people, ignite passion, and perpetuate a love for sports that transcends borders and cultures. Explore the articles on these remarkable stadiums and dive into the captivating stories they have to tell.

For more information, you can check the Stade du 4-aout-1983.


Q: What is the full name of the football stadium in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso?
A: The full name of the football stadium in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso is Stade du 4-Août.

Q: Where is Stade du 4-Août located?
A: Stade du 4-Août is located on Rue 9.04 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Q: Who is the owner of Stade du 4-Août?
A: Stade du 4-Août is owned by the Burkina Faso government.

Q: What is the capacity of Stade du 4-Août?
A: The stadium has a capacity of 29,800 spectators.

Q: How big is the field at Stade du 4-Août?
A: The field at Stade du 4-Août measures 105 meters in length and 68 meters in width.

Q: What type of surface does Stade du 4-Août have?
A: Stade du 4-Août has a grass surface.

Q: When was Stade du 4-Août built?
A: Stade du 4-Août was built in 1981.

Q: When was Stade du 4-Août opened to the public?
A: Stade du 4-Août was opened to the public in 1984.

Q: Has Stade du 4-Août undergone any renovations?
A: Yes, Stade du 4-Août was renovated in 1996.