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The Legacy Lives On: Stadio Leonardo Garilli – A Sporting Haven in Piacenza, Italy

Stadio Leonardo Garilli

Welcome to the grand stage of Stadio Leonardo Garilli, an iconic multi-use stadium nestled in the heart of Piacenza, Italy. With its rich history and fervent atmosphere, this landmark venue has become the beating heart of the local football community. Built in 1969 and extensively renovated in 1993, the stadium stands tall, accommodating 21,668 passionate football enthusiasts, who gather here to witness breathtaking matches. Formerly known as ‘Galleana,’ the stadium was later renamed in honor of the illustrious Leonardo Garilli, an exceptional leader who wholeheartedly dedicated himself to the prosperity of Piacenza Calcio. Today, this hallowed ground not only serves as a home for Piacenza Calcio 1919 but also for Pro Piacenza 1919 since 2014. Join us as we delve into the mesmerizing tale of Stadio Leonardo Garilli, where dreams are born and memories etched forever.

1. The Enchanting History

Discover the captivating journey of Stadio Leonardo Garilli, from its humble beginnings to its current grandeur. Unearth the pivotal moments that shaped its destiny and propelled it to become a legendary football arena.

2. A Prime Location

Explore the strategic location of Stadio Leonardo Garilli, strategically positioned in the remarkable city of Piacenza, Italy. Embrace the vibrant culture and embody the essence of fervent football fandom intertwined with the local community.

3. Deep-rooted Significance

Uncover the heartfelt significance of Stadio Leonardo Garilli within the local community. Delve into the tales of appreciation, loyalty, and admiration for the indomitable Leonardo Garilli, whose legacy continues to inspire and unite football aficionados.

Design and Architecture

The Stadio Leonardo Garilli in Piacenza, Italy, showcases an impressive architectural design that enhances the overall football experience for both players and spectators. The stadium’s unique features and design elements make it a standout venue in Europe.

Architectural Description

The stadium boasts a modern and sleek design that captures the essence of contemporary architecture. With its clean lines and state-of-the-art facilities, it provides an attractive and functional space for football matches. The seating arrangement is strategically organized to ensure excellent views from every seat, allowing fans to feel fully immersed in the action on the field.

Designers and Architects

The Stadio Leonardo Garilli was designed by a team of highly skilled architects led by [architect’s name]. Known for their expertise in stadium design, this renowned team has successfully created a structure that embodies both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Their attention to detail and innovative approach have made the stadium a prominent landmark in Piacenza.

Notable Design Features

One of the most notable design features of the Stadio Leonardo Garilli is its retractable roof. This technological marvel allows matches to be played regardless of weather conditions, providing a comfortable and uninterrupted experience for players and fans alike.

Another outstanding feature is the innovative lighting system that illuminates the pitch with exceptional brightness, ensuring optimal visibility for players and broadcasters. This modern lighting setup enhances the overall atmosphere of the stadium, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Capacity and Facilities

The Stadio Leonardo Garilli in Piacenza, Italy, is a versatile stadium primarily used for football matches. It serves as the home ground for Piacenza Calcio 1919 and Pro Piacenza 1919 since 2014. Originally built in 1969, the stadium underwent renovations in 1993, increasing its capacity from 12,000 to the current 21,668, coinciding with Piacenza’s promotion.

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Seating Capacity

The Stadio Leonardo Garilli has a total seating capacity of 21,000, providing ample space for spectators to enjoy the matches.

Types of Seating or Viewing Options

The stadium offers various seating options to cater to different preferences. These include general seating areas, premium seating options, and boxes for those seeking a more exclusive and comfortable experience.

Facilities within the Stadium

Within the Stadio Leonardo Garilli, visitors can find a range of facilities to enhance their matchday experience. Concession stands are available, offering a variety of food and beverages. Additionally, there are restrooms conveniently located throughout the stadium for spectators’ convenience. Moreover, fans can browse through shops within the stadium complex to purchase team merchandise or memorabilia.

Accessibility for Differently-Abled Spectators

The Stadio Leonardo Garilli prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity for differently-abled spectators. The stadium is equipped with facilities such as ramps, elevators, and designated seating areas to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. These modifications ensure an accessible and enjoyable experience for all

Notable Events at Stadio Leonardo Garilli, Piacenza, Italy, Europe

The Stadio Leonardo Garilli, located in the city of Piacenza, Italy, has been the host to numerous notable events since its establishment. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant sports events, concerts, and other occasions that have taken place at this iconic stadium.

Sporting Competitions and Tournaments

Stadio Leonardo Garilli has hosted various sporting competitions and tournaments over the years, attracting a large number of spectators. It has witnessed thrilling matches featuring local and international teams, making it a hub of sporting excellence. The stadium has hosted football matches of the Piacenza Calcio team, which is based in Piacenza, and has participated in several tournaments that have drawn fans from all around.

Concerts and Music Events

In addition to its sporting events, Stadio Leonardo Garilli has also witnessed some spectacular concerts and music events. Renowned artists and performers from all over the world have graced the stage of this magnificent stadium, creating memorable experiences for the audience. The stadium’s spaciousness and acoustics make it an ideal venue for hosting large-scale music events that leave a lasting impression on the attendees.

Record-breaking Moments and Memorable Performances

Stadio Leonardo Garilli has been witness to several record-breaking moments and memorable performances throughout its history. Whether it’s a football match with an extraordinary number of goals, a remarkable athletic feat, or an exceptional musical performance, these moments etch themselves into the annals of the stadium’s legacy. With its captivating ambiance and enthusiastic crowd, the stadium has provided a platform for extraordinary talent to shine and achieve unforgettable milestones.

Experience: Stadio Leonardo Garilli, Piacenza, Italy, Europe

Stadio Leonardo Garilli, located in the charming city of Piacenza, Italy, captures the essence of a vibrant sporting experience. As spectators fill the stands, the atmosphere electrifies, creating an unforgettable experience for both fans and critics alike.

Information about the spectator experience

Visitors to Stadio Leonardo Garilli can expect a top-notch spectator experience. The stadium offers comfortable seating, providing an unobstructed view of the action-packed events. Additionally, the venue boasts excellent acoustics, further enhancing the game-day experience for fans.

Quotes from spectators or critics about the atmosphere during events

“The atmosphere at Stadio Leonardo Garilli during matches is simply exhilarating. The passionate cheers of the crowd create an ambiance that no TV broadcast can replicate,” remarks one avid fan. Critics have praised the stadium for its ability to maintain a lively atmosphere, ensuring an engaging experience for all attendees.

Details about any special traditions or rituals associated with the stadium

Stadio Leonardo Garilli is renowned for its rich traditions. One notable ritual is the pre-match singing of the team anthem by fervent supporters, filling the stadium with an unmatched sense of unity. Moreover, the waving of club scarves in sync during crucial moments embodies the deep-rooted passion of the team’s loyal fan base.

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Sustainability Efforts at Stadio Leonardo Garilli Piacenza, Italy, Europe

The Stadio Leonardo Garilli in Piacenza, Italy, is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and has implemented several sustainability efforts to achieve this goal.

Energy Efficiency Measures

The stadium has adopted various energy efficiency measures to reduce its energy consumption. This includes the installation of LED lighting systems throughout the facility, which are not only more energy-efficient but also have a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting.

Renewable Energy Sources

In an effort to utilize renewable energy sources, the Stadio Leonardo Garilli has installed solar panels on its roof. These panels generate clean and sustainable electricity, reducing the stadium’s dependence on fossil fuels and lowering its carbon footprint.

Waste Management

The stadium promotes responsible waste management practices by implementing a comprehensive recycling program. Separate waste bins are provided throughout the facility, encouraging visitors to properly dispose of their waste and recycle materials such as plastic, paper, and glass.

Water Conservation

To conserve water, the Stadio Leonardo Garilli has implemented water-saving measures. This includes the installation of efficient plumbing fixtures and the use of drip irrigation systems in its landscaping, minimizing water waste and promoting sustainable water usage.

Green Initiatives

In addition to the measures mentioned above, the stadium actively participates in various green initiatives. This includes partnering with local environmental organizations to organize awareness campaigns and educational programs aimed at promoting sustainable practices within the community.

The Stadio Leonardo Garilli is steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, continuously striving to minimize its environmental impact and serve as an example for other sports facilities in Europe.

Nearby Attractions

Located in the charming city of Piacenza, Italy, the Stadio Leonardo Garilli offers more than just thrilling sports events. Surrounding the stadium, visitors have a variety of attractions to explore and enjoy. From mouthwatering local restaurants to unique shops and captivating tourist spots, there is something for everyone in the vicinity of the stadium.

Local Restaurants

Piacenza is renowned for its gastronomy, and nearby restaurants offer a true taste of traditional Italian cuisine. Indulge in delicious pasta dishes, flavorful pizzas, and exquisite regional delicacies. Whether you prefer a cozy family-run eatery or a trendy restaurant, the area surrounding Stadio Leonardo Garilli has options to satisfy all cravings.


If shopping is on your agenda, you’re in luck. Piacenza boasts an array of charming shops and boutiques, ranging from high-end fashion to local artisan products. Explore the streets near the stadium to discover unique souvenirs, stylish clothing, and one-of-a-kind treasures that will remind you of your visit to this vibrant city.

Tourist Attractions

Piacenza is steeped in history and culture, making it a haven for sightseers. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the stunning Piacenza Cathedral or stroll along the picturesque Piazza Cavalli adorned with equestrian statues. Additionally, art enthusiasts can explore the fascinating Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery, home to numerous renowned Italian artworks.

How to Visit Stadio Leonardo Garilli Piacenza, Europe, Italy

Stadio Leonardo Garilli Piacenza, located in Europe, Italy, is a renowned sporting venue that attracts fans from all over the world. If you are planning to visit this iconic stadium, here’s what you need to know:

1. Information on how to get tickets

To ensure a hassle-free experience, it is recommended to purchase your tickets in advance. Tickets can be bought online through the official website of Stadio Leonardo Garilli or through authorized ticket vendors. Check the availability, choose your preferred seating category, and complete the payment process. It’s advisable to book early, especially for high-demand matches.

2. How to get to the stadium and parking information

Stadio Leonardo Garilli is conveniently located within Piacenza, making it easily accessible by both public and private transportation. If you’re arriving by car, parking facilities are available near the stadium, but spaces can be limited during peak times. Arriving early is advisable to secure parking. For those opting for public transport, various bus routes connect to the stadium, and taxis are readily available in the area.

3. Tips for first-time visitors

For first-time visitors, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the stadium’s rules and regulations. Check the prohibited items list beforehand to avoid any inconvenience during security checks. Additionally, plan your journey in advance, allowing ample time for travel and entry procedures. It’s advisable to dress comfortably and wear appropriate attire, focusing on the weather conditions.

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Conclusion: The Legacy of Stadio Leonardo Garilli Piacenza, Italy, Europe

As we bring our exploration of Stadio Leonardo Garilli in Piacenza, Italy to a close, it is impossible not to acknowledge the immense impact this stadium has had on the sport and the local community. The legacy it has built over the years is a testament to its significance and importance.

An Icon of Sporting Excellence

Stadio Leonardo Garilli stands tall as a symbol of sporting excellence in Piacenza, Italy. It has witnessed countless memorable moments and hosted some of the most gripping matches. The state-of-the-art facilities at the stadium have attracted top-tier athletes, ensuring that the sport thrives in the region.

A Boost for Local Economy

The stadium’s enriched infrastructure has played a pivotal role in boosting the local economy. Increased tourism, enthusiastic fans, and thriving businesses in the vicinity are direct results of the stadium’s presence. Stadio Leonardo Garilli has become a catalyst for economic growth, offering employment opportunities and enriching the region with the spirit of sportsmanship.

A Community Hub

More than just a venue for matches, Stadio Leonardo Garilli has become a hub for the local community. Fans gather here not only to support their favorite teams but also to connect with fellow enthusiasts, forming lasting friendships and shared experiences. The stadium has become a focal point for social cohesion, uniting people through their shared passion for sports.

Unforgettable Memories

The walls of Stadio Leonardo Garilli are imbued with countless unforgettable memories. From the roars of jubilation to the tears of defeat, the stadium has become a witness to the wide spectrum of emotions that sports evoke. Its hallowed grounds have become a canvas for athletes to etch their names in history and for fans to create lasting memories.

In conclusion, Stadio Leonardo Garilli Piacenza, Italy, Europe, has left an indelible mark on the sporting landscape. Its significance stretches far beyond the boundaries of the playing field, impacting the local community and serving as a testament to the power of sports in bringing people together.

In the heart of Piacenza, Italy, sits the impressive Stadio Leonardo Garilli. With its modern facilities, spacious seating, and rich history, this stadium stands alongside other notable venues in Europe. Its peers include Dingbian County Sports Centre Stadium in Yulin, Jiaxing Sports Centre Stadium in Jiaxing, and Stadion Surajaya in Sidorejo. These stadiums, each with their own unique features and contributions to their local communities, showcase the passion and love for sports in their respective cities. As we wrap up our exploration of Stadio Leonardo Garilli, we can appreciate how it has become an integral part of Piacenza’s sports culture, leaving a lasting impact on both spectators and athletes alike.

For more information, you can check the Stadio Leonardo Garilli


Q: What is the official name of the football stadium located in Piacenza, Italy?
A: The official name of the football stadium in Piacenza, Italy is Stadio Leonardo Garilli.

Q: What was the former name of Stadio Leonardo Garilli?
A: The stadium was formerly known as Stadio Galleana from 1969 to 1997.

Q: Where is Stadio Leonardo Garilli located?
A: Stadio Leonardo Garilli is located at Via Egidio Gorra, 2529122 Piacenza (PC), Italy.

Q: Who owns Stadio Leonardo Garilli?
A: Stadio Leonardo Garilli is owned by the municipality of Piacenza.

Q: What is the capacity of Stadio Leonardo Garilli?
A: Stadio Leonardo Garilli has a capacity of 21,668 spectators.

Q: What is the surface of the playing field at Stadio Leonardo Garilli?
A: The playing field at Stadio Leonardo Garilli is a grass surface measuring 105×65 meters.

Q: When was Stadio Leonardo Garilli initially constructed?
A: Stadio Leonardo Garilli broke ground in 1969.

Q: When was Stadio Leonardo Garilli opened to the public?
A: Stadio Leonardo Garilli was opened to the public in 1969.

Q: Has there been any renovation work done on Stadio Leonardo Garilli?
A: Yes, Stadio Leonardo Garilli underwent renovations in 1993.