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GelreDome: Arnhem’s Iconic Stadium and Sporting Hub


GelreDome Arnhem: A Sporting Marvel in the Heart of Europe

The GelreDome is an iconic football stadium located in the vibrant city of Arnhem, Netherlands. Constructed between 1996 and 1998 at a staggering cost of €75 million, this state-of-the-art arena first opened its doors on 25th March 1998. Since then, it has stood as the proud home of the esteemed football club, Vitesse Arnhem. Beyond its sporting prowess, the GelreDome has become a cultural phenomenon, hosting electrifying concerts by global music superstars such as Lady Gaga, Pearl Jam, and Bruce Springsteen.

A Breathtaking Architectural Marvel

With its striking retractable roof and convertible pitch, the GelreDome is a true gem in the world of stadium design. The innovative retractable roof ensures an unparalleled viewing experience, offering spectators a glimpse of the captivating Arnhem skyline while protecting them from the unpredictable elements. The convertible pitch, a feat of engineering brilliance, can be retracted during concerts and events, providing endless possibilities for unforgettable experiences.

The Heartbeat of Arnhem

For the people of Arnhem, the GelreDome is more than just a football stadium; it is a symbol of unity and pride. Crowds roar with excitement as Vitesse Arnhem graces the pitch, their fervent support reverberating through the Edward Sturing, Charly Bosveld, Theo Bos, and Just Göbel stands, collectively creating an electrifying atmosphere. Additionally, the GelreDome has forged an unbreakable bond with the local community by hosting unforgettable concerts enthralling audiences from far and wide.

Home to Sporting and Musical Extravaganzas

The GelreDome proudly held its head high as one of the host stadiums during the enthralling Euro 2000 tournament, showcasing its ability to captivate a global audience. The stadium has played host to legendary international and Dutch artists, attracting music legends such as Celine Dion, Madonna, and Paul McCartney. With an impressive capacity of 34,000 for sports events and a staggering 41,000 during concerts, the GelreDome invites enthusiasts from all walks of life to create everlasting memories in its hallowed halls.

A UEFA Four-Star Rating

The GelreDome has been bestowed with a prestigious four-star rating by UEFA, solidifying its status as a world-class sporting facility. This coveted recognition stands as a testament to the stadium’s impeccable design, outstanding amenities, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for both athletes and fans alike. As the GelreDome continues to leave an indelible mark on the European sporting landscape, its legacy as a sporting marvel remains unmatched.

Design and Architecture

The GelreDome in Arnhem, Netherlands, is a remarkable football stadium renowned for its innovative design and modern architecture.

Description of the Stadium’s Architecture

The GelreDome exhibits a unique and futuristic architectural style. The stadium has a symmetrical oval shape, with a translucent roof supported by a series of steel arches that stretch across the structure. This design allows for unobstructed views for spectators and provides ample natural light, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Information about the Designers or Architects

The GelreDome was designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, an esteemed architecture firm based in the Netherlands. The firm is renowned for its expertise in creating iconic sports venues. The GelreDome is one of their notable projects.

Notable Design Features

One of the notable design features of the GelreDome is its retractable roof. The roof can be opened or closed depending on the weather, allowing for flexibility in hosting various events. Additionally, the stadium incorporates cutting-edge technology, including a high-quality sound system and state-of-the-art LED lighting, enhancing the overall experience for spectators.

Capacity and Facilities

The GelreDome in Arnhem, Netherlands, is a versatile stadium with a rich history of hosting both sports events and concerts. With a total capacity of 25,000, the stadium provides a comfortable and exciting experience for spectators.

Seating Capacity

The GelreDome can accommodate up to 25,000 fans for various sporting events, creating an electric atmosphere that adds to the thrill of the game. Whether it’s a Vitesse Arnhem home match or an international tournament, the stadium offers ample space for passionate supporters to cheer on their teams.

Types of Seating or Viewing Options

The stadium provides different seating options to cater to varying preferences and needs. Fans can choose from general seating areas, premium sections, and box seats. The premium areas offer enhanced comfort and additional amenities for a truly VIP experience, while box seats provide an exclusive space for small groups with access to personalized services.

Facilities within the Stadium

To enhance the overall experience, the GelreDome offers a range of convenient facilities. Visitors can enjoy a variety of concessions serving delicious food and beverages, allowing them to stay energized throughout the event. The stadium also includes restrooms that are well-maintained and easily accessible, ensuring comfort for all attendees. For those looking to shop for merchandise, there are dedicated shops within the premises offering a wide selection of items.

Accessibility Features for Differently-Abled Spectators

The GelreDome is committed to ensuring that all fans can enjoy the events to their fullest. The stadium is equipped with accessible entrances, ramps, and elevators to accommodate differently-abled spectators, providing equal opportunities for everyone to participate in the excitement. Furthermore, designated seating areas are available to ensure comfortable viewing and an inclusive atmosphere.

Notable Events

The GelreDome in Arnhem, Netherlands, has been the host of numerous significant sports events, concerts, and other notable occasions. From international matches to record-breaking moments, this stadium has witnessed unforgettable performances throughout its history.

International Matches

Several international matches have taken place in the GelreDome, attracting football fans from all over Europe. On May 27, 1998, the stadium hosted its first international friendly between the Netherlands and Cameroon, culminating in a 0–1 victory for Cameroon. Another remarkable match occurred on April 26, 2000, when the Netherlands played a friendly against Scotland, resulting in a scoreless draw. Additionally, in 2019, the GelreDome welcomed the Netherlands women’s national team for an international friendly match.

UEFA Euro 2000

The GelreDome played a pivotal role in the UEFA Euro 2000 tournament by hosting three group stage matches. This prestigious European football championship showcased top national teams competing in Arnhem’s renowned stadium.

2007 UEFA European Under-21 Championship

The GelreDome was chosen as the venue for the 2007 UEFA European Under-21 Championship tournament. This prestigious event brought together the most promising young talents from various European countries, showcasing their skills and determination.

From exhilarating football matches to unforgettable concerts and events, the GelreDome has firmly established itself as a prominent venue in the Netherlands and Europe. With its rich history and exciting atmosphere, this stadium continues to attract sports enthusiasts and music lovers alike.


The GelreDome Arnhem offers a captivating experience for sports enthusiasts and fans alike. With its state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant atmosphere, the stadium never fails to impress.

Information about the spectator experience

The GelreDome provides an unmatched spectator experience. The stadium boasts comfortable seating arrangements, allowing fans to enjoy the event in utmost comfort. The excellent sightlines ensure that every seat provides a great view of the game, ensuring an immersive experience for all attendees. Furthermore, the GelreDome offers various food and beverage options, ensuring that fans can indulge in delicious treats while enjoying the event.

Quotes from spectators or critics about the atmosphere during events

Spectators and critics alike praise the exhilarating atmosphere at the GelreDome. One fan mentioned, “The energy in the stadium is electrifying. The passionate fans create an incredible atmosphere that elevates the entire experience.” Critics have also acknowledged the phenomenal ambience, stating, “The GelreDome exudes an infectious energy that leaves an indelible impression on anyone present.”

Details about any special traditions or rituals associated with the stadium

The GelreDome embraces several cherished traditions and rituals. One such tradition involves the opening ceremony, where local musicians perform a captivating melody that serves as an ode to the city and its fans. Additionally, after each event, fans gather outside the stadium to celebrate and share camaraderie, engaging in post-match discussions, and reliving the highlights of the game.

Sustainability Efforts

GelreDome, located in Arnhem, Netherlands, is a state-of-the-art stadium that strives to reduce its environmental impact through various sustainability efforts. The stadium has implemented several measures to enhance energy efficiency, adopt renewable energy sources, and manage waste effectively.

Energy Efficiency Measures

GelreDome takes advantage of cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient systems to minimize its electricity consumption. The stadium utilizes LED lighting throughout its premises, reducing energy usage while providing optimal illumination for events. Additionally, advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are employed to ensure energy-efficient temperature control within the stadium.

Use of Renewable Energy

In line with its commitment to sustainability, GelreDome harnesses renewable energy sources to power its operations. The stadium has installed a significant number of solar panels on its roof, generating clean electricity and reducing dependence on non-renewable sources. By utilizing solar energy, GelreDome exemplifies its dedication to environmental consciousness.

Waste Management

To effectively manage waste, GelreDome implements comprehensive recycling and waste reduction strategies. The stadium encourages visitors to separate their waste into recyclable and non-recyclable materials by providing easily accessible recycling bins. Furthermore, GelreDome maintains waste management partnerships to ensure proper disposal and recycling of all waste generated within the facility.

Nearby Attractions

GelreDome, located in Arnhem, Netherlands, is not only a landmark sports stadium but also offers access to various nearby attractions, ensuring visitors have an enriching experience both on and off the field.

Local Restaurants

Indulge in the diverse culinary scene near GelreDome by exploring the local restaurants, serving a range of international cuisines. From traditional Dutch delicacies to global flavors, there’s something to satisfy every palate.


For retail therapy enthusiasts, the vicinity of GelreDome offers plenty of shopping opportunities. Uncover fashion boutiques, souvenir shops, and trendy stores, allowing visitors to take a piece of Arnhem back home.

Tourist Attractions

Make the most of Arnhem’s cultural and historical attractions near GelreDome. Explore the Kröller-Müller Museum to witness an impressive art collection amidst breathtaking natural surroundings at Hoge Veluwe National Park. Additionally, pay a visit to the historic Airborne Museum to delve into the region’s World War II history.

How to Visit GelreDome Arnhem, Europe, Netherlands

For sports enthusiasts planning to visit GelreDome Arnhem in the Netherlands, here are some essential details to make your trip smoother:

Getting Tickets

Purchasing tickets in advance is recommended to secure your spot at the stadium. Ticket availability and prices can be found on the official GelreDome website or through authorized ticket vendors.

Getting to the Stadium

Transportation to GelreDome is convenient, with various options available:

By Bike

A quick and enjoyable 10-minute bike ride from Arnhem’s main railway station will take you directly to the stadium.

By Bus

If you prefer public transportation, bus lines 7 and 331 depart from Arnhem railway station and stop at the ‘GelreDome-stadion’ bus stop, located just outside the stadium.

Parking Information

If you plan to drive to the stadium, GelreDome offers parking facilities for visitors. Check the official website for parking information, availability, and fees.

Tips for First-Time Visitors

For those visiting GelreDome for the first time, here are some helpful tips:

Arrive Early

To avoid any potential delays or long queues, it’s advisable to arrive at the stadium well in advance, especially if you plan to explore the surroundings or engage in pre-event activities.

Follow the Rules and Regulations

Respect the stadium’s rules and regulations, including any health and safety guidelines. Familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’ts to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for everyone.

Explore the Stadium

Take some time to explore GelreDome’s impressive features, including its unique retractable roof and innovative design. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and immerse yourself in the world of sports.

Remember, GelreDome Arnhem offers an unforgettable experience for sports fans, and by following these tips, you can make the most of your visit.


GelreDome Arnhem – A Phenomenal Sporting Hub

Impressive Infrastructure and Fan Experience

With its modern design and state-of-the-art facilities, GelreDome Arnhem stands tall as a remarkable sporting venue in Europe. The stadium offers an unforgettable experience for both players and fans. Its enormous seating capacity ensures that thousands of passionate supporters can cheer their favorite teams to victory.

Propelling Local Economy and Tourism

Beyond its role as a sports arena, GelreDome serves as an economic catalyst for the local community. The stadium’s presence significantly boosts tourism in Arnhem, attracting visitors from near and far to witness thrilling matches. The increased footfall fuels the growth of nearby businesses, hotels, and restaurants, sustaining a vibrant local economy.

Symbol of Unity and Pride

GelreDome fosters a sense of community pride among Arnhem residents. It serves as a rallying point where people from diverse backgrounds unite to support their beloved teams. The stadium symbolizes the shared passion for sports and embodies the city’s spirit of comradery and unity.

Contributing to Sporting Excellence

GelreDome has witnessed numerous historic moments, hosting high-profile sporting events that elevate the city’s prominence on the international stage. It has played a vital role in nurturing talent and development within the region, providing athletes with a top-notch platform to showcase their skills and achieve sporting excellence.

A Lasting Legacy

GelreDome Arnhem will continue to be etched in the memories of all who have experienced its electrifying atmosphere. With its remarkable infrastructure, impact on the local community, and contribution to sporting excellence, GelreDome stands proud as a legendary sporting icon and a testament to the power of sports in bringing people together.

In the city of Arnhem, the GelreDome stands tall as a prestigious sporting arena. As we conclude our journey into the depths of this iconic stadium, it becomes evident that it is not just a venue, but a symbol of Arnhem’s passion for sports and community. Much like other notable stadiums around the world, such as the Harry Gwala Stadium in Pietermaritzburg, the Emirates Airline Park in Johannesburg, and the Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo in Santiago, the GelreDome has left an indelible mark on the hearts of spectators and athletes alike. These stadiums, each unique and steeped in rich history, stand as testaments to the unwavering devotion that sports fans have for their beloved teams. As we continue to celebrate the power of sports, let us cherish these hallowed grounds and the memories they have provided.

For more information, you can check the GelreDome


Q: Where is GelreDome located?
A: GelreDome is located in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Q: What is the full name of the stadium?
A: The full name of the stadium is GelreDome.

Q: What are the coordinates of GelreDome?
A: The coordinates of GelreDome are 51°57′46.38″N 5°53′34.13″E.

Q: What is the capacity of GelreDome for football matches?
A: GelreDome has a capacity of 21,248 for home matches of Vitesse.

Q: How many people can GelreDome accommodate during international matches?
A: GelreDome can accommodate 25,000 people during international matches.

Q: What was the capacity of GelreDome during Euro 2000?
A: During Euro 2000, GelreDome had a capacity of 30,000.

Q: How many people can attend concerts at GelreDome?
A: GelreDome can accommodate up to 41,000 people for concerts (maximum capacity).

Q: What are the dimensions of the field at GelreDome?
A: The field at GelreDome measures 105×68 meters.

Q: When was GelreDome built?
A: GelreDome was built between 1996 and 1998.

Q: When was GelreDome opened to the public?
A: GelreDome was opened on March 25, 1998.

Q: Who was the architect of GelreDome?
A: The architect of GelreDome is Alynia Architecten Harlingen BV.

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